Friday, January 5, 2018

Third Trimester

Third trimester. This is when the time where many shopping are done. Actually, I did not shop for any essential baby stuff until my cousin brought me to which is like 30 weeks of pregnancy.

I guess is a bit late la cos we should actually be packing our hospital bag by this time.
Eventually. I bought quite many stuff from baby shop. You named it, i bought it :)
As for breast pump, I bought it during baby fair in February, when I'm 32 weeks.
Ya, I was very determine that I want to breastfeed my baby. The only food I offered my baby is BREAST MILK.
I packed my hospital back around 34 weeks of pregnancy. Hey, it's consider late ya. Pls don't follow my footstep coz you will end up kelam kabut if baby decided to come early.

 Okay, so back to me and baby. When I hit 7th months of pregnancy, doctor told me that baby is growing very fast and ask me to cut down on my diet as he afraid that baby is going to be big. If such case happen, i might need to go for c-sect which I never ever wanted.
I was damn afraid that I need to go for c-sect. As a result, I went into a very strict diet which I don't even know how I did it. I did not take maternal milk, no carbo, no oily and sweet food at all and I only drink plain water. My diet is very strict and at times I don't even feel full for one whole day. I had been doing it since 7 months plus and I guess it's a little too late. Fortunately, my baby weight gain slow down. In 2 weeks, my weight drop instead of gaining. However baby is still gaining but in a slower pace. I do not know where my determination come from but all I do is just for the best for my baby.
However, doctor tell me to induce once pregnancy hits 38 weeks due to my gestational diabetes. We agreed as I want to go for natural birth.

Third trimester is basically about controlling diet. Very san fu ehh. Can see cannot eat. During CNY, i also did not drink any packet drink and I cut down on cny cookies like 95%? omg... but it is all for my baby. I can do anything because of her :)

       This is the last baby bump pic before delivering her the next day :)

Next post will be Natalie's birth story :)