Monday, October 1, 2007

Exam !!!!! :-(

Exam is around the corner, less than a week.. So fast, our finals !!!!! Luckily nt Olympic Finals yet (SPM) hehehehe. SEA games finals oni..
Everyday bio,phy,che,add m3, until siao.. Plus sej. OMG !!!!!! Y la, v mus learn sej???? 4 wat purpose??? use in medicine? or use in engineering??? Ishhhhhh... study until siao la.. Luckily gt 1 week break, but no use.. Can't enjoy.. Envy those PMR candidates, after exam, wings will grow n start 2 fly wherever they want. lol.. Still better than none.. Hari raya n deepavali holidays. Yeah !!!
MM.. After dis exam, oni real holiday !!!!!!!!! Long Long Holidays !!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait 4 it....
Im so proud 2 b a Malaysian.. A multi racial country, so many kinds of delicious food, can learn so many language, bm, eng, chinese, tamil,cantonese, hokkien, hakka,n so many more. N da most important ting is the HOLIDAYS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks 2 so many races in Malaysia gave us so many HOLIDAYS !!!!!!!! hahahahahaha

K, till den......
-carolyn- 7.02pm

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