Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Happie CNY !!!!!
Yesterday the 1st day of chinese new yr. went to temple.. n in the afternoon, I went to Ee Li's house..hmmm... Actually don't plan to go, but since so long didn't meet right, so I decided to go..ABout 4 stg, after sending the clown Amrit back, I went back..
I curi-ed some pic from foreverus91..

We played twister

Lian Ee and I

Foreverus91's maid: Esther aka Maria

Finally, I know why people keep asking me" ehh, u highlight ur hair?"

In the evening, I went to my uncle's open house..
My cousins asked whether I enjoy NS anot, and I guess they think im gonna say "I DONT enjoy" coz I don't go camps wan ma rite.. So, when I say I
enjoyed, their eyes become big.. LOL...
Few of them migrated to Australia, so i guess they needs some guida
nce or whatsoever incase kena.. haha... Another cousin asked, "if i tangguh dont want go, how much I need to pay?" LOL...
So funny la their question.. 2ndly, they will ask bout the food.. The food can eat anot ah? nice ar? lk wat kind ar?hehehe...

This morning, I went to Klang, my grandfather's house.. got lion dance.. every yr oso got la actually.. hmm.. and I gambled.. My luck is not good... Walao weh i tell you, I loseeee weyh.. Lose bout 30-50 bucks...
This year's angpau not bad la.. Boleh la, if mencecah RM 500, can rdy.. lal

The lion dance After the fire crackers

This is just some brief update... hehehe...
Im goin back on Saturday, returning to camp on Sunday..

So, saturday I will stay in regency 1st.. Siapa mahu join? sentiasa dialu-alukan..

Till then..
Oh ya ! Im not baby la.. don't call me baby..

and before I forget, today is Amanda's birthday.. This gal is officially 18 years old..
Although she's my schoolmate for 5 years, I hardly talk to her...not even 10 sentences in 5 years.. Because she thought I very lc, and I also thought she vry lc.. But as day passes during NS, I become closer with her.. Because of her non-stop-laughing, I terikut-ikut.. she is actually damn funny lor.. i oso didn't know. haha..

SHe looks more baby den me...

The yeng-ness of celoreng.. hahaha

so, yeah ! happie 18th birthday.. May all ur dreams come true.
In cameron, don't forget my strawberries, and pk 5's strawberries. hahah
Don't worry,that "S" will reply you. I bet he no credit.. hahaha..

alright ! toodles !

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