Sunday, November 1, 2009

1st of Nov

Today's 1st of November.. So fast !!!!! Time flies... 2 more month, we gona say goodbye to year 2009..
Im hoping for a happier month.. bcoz honestly, im damn absolutely so unhappy last month..
Hmmm... Basically, nothing much to say la.. Im just damn bored...
You see... around 6 more weeks to finalsszz, n im done for 2nd semester.. wheee !!! Next sem will be really "chunt" coz got AS exam.. waaaaa... =)
This sem i felt... The bond in the class., i mean among classmate, totally great... Not to say 100%, but we get together even closer this sem.. true or not, feel it yourself...
At least better than 1st sem la rite or wrong.. hehe...

But on the other hand, what i feel is.. I felt much more happier during 1st sem... Bcoz im pressure free, i dun care anything, and do whatever i want..
But now, I duno when it started, I felt sum pressure on what i shud do.. huhu... Anyway, pressure is what I created myself, no1 to blame.. But i duno how do i created it.. Somehow, it motivates me to do things better..
So, pressure ain't bad after all..
This week i tink got Bio test.. You see, Im saying I THINK, wich means Im uncertain.. I oso duno got or dun have.. u see la.. haiyer me..
I havent study oso... I must go study liao la, But that facebook distracting me (wan study, but alot reason, blame fcbook sumore)
Alrite la, I will try to cut down day by day.. So that I reli got study... Bit by bit... until finalss, n so wont be so tired lk last sem.. study like chase smart tag lk dat so fast.. sepintas lalu... duno what super eye, scan so fast wan.. hahahaa...
n den at the same time, make my parent proud a little la... If touchwood, didnt get alot A's,of coz wan A ma rite, at least gt improvement abit la.. show sum result to them.. huhu..
Got improvement im satisfied.. I go step by step lk baby.. i crawl 1st la, later only walk.. ahahahahaha.. sampat ppl gv sampat example..
u see ah, say wan study but the finger non-stop typing.. lol..
k ar.. gtg 1st.. tata...
Aiyo.. wan 28th December dy, gona be 1 year.. All my sweet n happy days over thr, i'll never forget.. i miss you guys alot.............

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