Friday, January 8, 2010

1st week end dy

1st week of college had ended.. It end just lk dat...
Well, basically is okie.. nothing much.. things taught is easy to understand.. becoz y? bcoz it is just the beginning.. see la ltr, apa pun x fhm.. woohaha.. dat time i will laugh...
we chnge our lecturer back, n i love it.. coz i prefer sem 1 lecturer although sem2 wan nt bad toooo... hmm.. but still miss yap n miss premah give me more understanding.. haha... the 1st wan is oweys the best... to me la..
but it seems lk gona chnge again nxt sem.. y must inti torture us by chnging lecturer lk dat? ish.. we pay to get torture isit? eesh..

So, tooo bad.. this week is kinda free, but we didnt lepak lik how we use to be during sem 1.. huhu.. haih... but nvm, inti is still a nice place with big wind... u see the tree goyang-goyang, leaves drop n so on.. haha.. i suck in describing.. imagine urself.. hehe...
we played badminton n jog 2 days in a row.. it is so fun although now i sakit tangan n kaki bcoz nvr exercise since i cumout frm ns.. haha... we jog 1 round n we play badminton few rounds, after that jog again n play few rounds again... after sweating damn chunt.. hehex..

mmm.. quite a number of new faces... haha... alot china ppl.. semuanya handsome handsome... but i dun1 ler, come frm china, so far.. wakakaa...
i kip on spot for handsome handsome wan.. yaler, handsome ler, but not i wan punya that kind of handsome. hahahahahhaahha... gila siao me..

lastly, im back home... huhu.. nxt thurs no class, coz negeri sembilan holiday.. yay yay !! those in selangor must go school.. haha.. so bad me... inti so nice, gt holi... lalalalala... say im crazy la, hahaha..
I think ar, if i were to leave inti, i will feel sad n cry.. not bcoz the reason u think, but bcoz inti is reli a nice place, im not promoting, but frm the bottom of my heart.. the hostel is nt bad, the academic block is not bad tooo.. distance frm academic block to hostel is neither far nor near, just nice for u to exercise...
n it's lk study 1 place, the whole block is study, n staying the other side.. lk vry organise la..
although no time square, no mid valley, i still lk it.. bcoz still gt giant.. we still cn jalan2..
overall, the environment is not bad.. 1 more yr n im leaving inti.. i dun1 to leave.. wuwuwu...
i cry 1st... hope i can find a campus lk inti... hehex... although they lk to chnge our lecturer, make us miserable but i still enjoy studying there..
padan muka u carolyn, dun1 study foundation.. if not i will stay in inti for the nxt duno hw many yrs.. but thank god im NOT studying foundation.. wheee..
ok, enough carolynwong.. it's too much.. haha..

Not to forget... ***, drink more water... i support you.. get well soooon ya... yay yay !!

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