Saturday, January 23, 2010


1st of alll, thanks to all my friends no matter in inti or my lovely foreverus91, meifen, yenmun.. Thanks for giving me such a memorable birthday..... =)

So, start of how I celebrate in Inti 1st...
hmmm.. so, on wednesday, we decided to coook spaghetti.. so yeah, we went to Giant n bought sum stuff, n went to the bbq area without booking.. hahaha.. geng lar we all.. n so thr's oni 6 of us.. kesian... me, eeli, yeeling, muigeik, kim n jon.. wahaih... But it's not bad though, coz we had fun cutting those button mushroom, n hotdog.. den "throw" into the pot with the cheese gravy for spaghetti n cook together.. They don't reli suceed the last time they cook spaghetti, but this suceed (coz dat time i din cook, dats y ma) hahahhhahahahahahahahahaha... Sorry ler, allow me to boast a little can? haha...So, after eating few rounds, mins we cook bit by bit... eat until the sauce finish.. =)

mE n Kimmm..
Happie family, used to have party during sem 1... wheee..

After we finish makan, kuang jiet jin yong n all cum join us.. as usual de.. after dinner, evry1 will lepak2 awhile around inti, n like meeting each other.. haha..
So, Kuang jiet was desperate to play games, he wanted since the 1st week of new sem.. Cannot think of any, n so bbq area got sink lar, n so happen we cook, got those bowl, plates, pots, rice cooker.. so we play scissors, paper, stone ! n the loser will kena simbah air.. we play water lolz..
Btw, for all I noe, if we didnt book the bbq area, lights wont on wan.. But so happen tat day, the guard pass by n see a bunch of kids, so he tot we book mayb, n he on the light for us.. lolz.. lucky day..
then after playing for quite sumtime, i saw err jackson came lar.. lk so weird, y he suddenly cum wan.. n he sayhe passed by coz went n hv group study... ohh.. den ok la.. den yee chong oso came, he dun usually with us ma, vry seldom... then suddenly my "go toilet friend" min they say wana go toilet those arr, haha... bring cake with lighted candle.. I thought whose birthday la, coz they didnt mention earlier... normally will tell wan ma... den saw keng hoong n kar hau came oso after their badminton session, lk so weird la..

wrote by Ee Li & Yee Ling...
play water until basah
My girlfriendss.My boyfriendss...

they sing birthday song for me.. lol.. coz is lk few days earlier, so i tot sum1 else birthday maybe lor...
but tak sangka is my birthday ni.. haha..
Im happpy... *wink*... after eating cake, we take alot pics, n we play water again.. haha.. we continue simbah water to ppl... haha.. run around the bbq area.. then keng hoong n kar hau gotta dance pole dance coz they promised.. haha.. so funnnny...
n yee chong even act lk he is a god.. erm... neh.. gv ppl blessing water using flower wan.. splash little little wan.. n kuang jiet want so much for that water coz he say wanna get straight As for A-level... damn funny. but yeechong dun use flower, he use the senduk ar? whatever we call, when we take soup wan... dat wan n splash.. LOL... haha
Although in the middle something happen, but we intians rocks, n we continue to have fun... =)
So, around 12 stg evry1 is tired, n we go bk to our rooms.. ahahaaha.. It was a great one... =)
Not all in the pic...

On Friday, we got another one n suppose to be Lianee's celebration... Since both of us difference of 1 day, n so together-gether we make it.. That Jon really teruk, he lie to me n make me get scolded for nothing.. argh.. that story 4get bout it... But all he wants is juz a surprise for me, so Iforgive.. Im kind, I know that... hahaha..

Everyone of us..

After 21st, we went to yenmun's hse...@ Karaoke room we eat, we sing, we take pics, we talk n laugh.. haha

From jon...... not 4 okie... it chnge colour only.. hehehe =)

On sunday, went to 21st AGAIN... But this time dad bring wan... hehehehe... quite rush oso, coz mahu balik inti ma.. lolx...

So, now.. Im officially 19... woohoooo..
Thanks to all of you who gave me a memorable one..

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