Saturday, January 16, 2010


Everybody will pass away just like flower will wilt.. n this is called impermanance..
So, buried the past, take it as nothing is permanent in this world and stay in the present

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JonJon said...

Physically most are the things are not permanent, but internally there is sumthing that is permanent.. If u cherish the things u have..thing will always belong to u..thats permanent..

The right thing is "Stay in the present" thats what u stated there.. History can be obstacle.. Future can be miracle.. When problem comes face it.. Fun ~ smile out.. Sad ~ solve it.. Only obsorb or kip things that good for urself..for improvement..the advantages of history.. Get rid of thing that make u unhappy..because more challeging in ur future.. These is the mission of being human, the recipe to have positif thinking.. Happy always come to u automatically..