Friday, May 8, 2009

1 week rdy !

so fast it's friday.. very bored very bored for 1 month plus, now alrdy 1 wk i start to belajar again.. huhu.. Time fliesss...

okie, let's talk bout my class.. statistic's lect i said b4.. he is okie.. Boleh.. 1st sem punya student aka meifen n jir jir say he VERY nice.. but we havent discover his VERY yet.. so let us juz wait.. n then, CHemistry lecturer.. a soft spoken lady.. She is nice.. n of course better than scol wan la.. No nd say la.. Ok la.. rate err 4.5/5 la.. hehe
n then Bio lecturer.. I paling like wan up till now.. But meifen n harjir say dun too happy 1st.. wait 1st wor.. But still i feel she is nice ! totally diff frm our bio teacher la... n i feel la better den mr fong.. Lol.. hehaheha
next is mpw lecturer.. I oso cannot clearly see his face.. so if i pass by him i oso duno he's my lect.. haha.. coz the class lk about 100+ 200 students.. damn damn big.. he is funny la.. the way he talks make the class nt so boring.. but nt yet betul2 start.. so i duno..
Last but not least, my maths lecturer.. abit boring... pn lim still the best.. !!
my class ppl lk getting lesser and lesser.. all move to nxt class, i duno y.. 100% nt bcoz of lecturer coz two class same lecturer..mayb bcoz frens..
Friends are so important.. i mean friends.. not that type wan ur help oni cum to you wan.. that type no

so, our lab class starts nxt week..
u noe ar, my bio n chem lab class berturut-turut noe.. 10-12 chem, 12-2pm bio.. n den b4 dat 8-10am statistics and after that 2pm-4pm maths i think ! walao weyh... 8-4pm NO BREAK mann..
gila siao wan...
but nvm la, few weeks ni, i cn tahan wan.. but i curi makan in class dun blame me la.. ppl will hungry wan ma. hahaahaha..
So, it's monday.. crazy monday!
i think tht's all about my classes..

Next, you noe rite, my hostel at sky so high up... I feel vry tiring wana climb up the stairs everyday.. especially when u carrying bag sumore.. n rite, when wearing that loose pants vry susah wana jalan.. sigh.. Luckily my block is in front wan.. if bhind, i will evryday marah-marah..
we got oni 3 days that class starts frm 8am.. so wed n thurs our class start 10am.. haha.. ya, 3 days oni.. still bnyak.. we masak air n make milo ehh.. u see.. hahaha..
n rite, we did try out the rice cooker.. huhu.. it works leh, our maggie so sedap.. yummy yummy.. haha.. coz we ntg to do, went bk still early, so we cook..
oh ya, 1 thing, i wana tell we din cuci the toilet 1week edy, but still so clean.. huhu.. if use 1yr, oso no prob.. hahaha..

and we oweys meet meifen n harjir for lunch.. lolz. but harjir oni bz with her preet preet.. aiyoyo... Today, we bcum paparazi, wana take preet preet's pic 4 harjir.. But he sit back to back.. so we take the back oni.. so gila we all.. But vry fun...
n i meet lot ppl la.. kajang ppl.. yuhua lk alot.. but sum i noe the person, but duno the name.. but i noe la frm kajang wan.. lolzz.. hhaaha..
so, i guess thats all la.. ntg much bout Inti.. hahaha
conclusion is, Inti is nice... sumtime vry liang shuang.. alot trees.. their "starbucks" nice !
Ee Li and I usually go to the dining hall aka "starbucks" to on9.. vry meriah wan..

Inti got leng chai wan. but u must find... hahahahahahahahahaha...
but diff ppl diff rasa.. maybe i say nt leng chai, but u feel very leng chai leh right or not.. hahaha

sum of the non-asian students vry rude n rough..not the orang putih wan..

not i say oni, the aunty oso say.. pls, dun say i criticise ppl or whatsoever..nt tht i cnt accept but it's mmg the expressing what i've see with my own eyes..
They drive lk their road.. ppl two lane, they go n jalan at the middle the line thr.. n reverse the car assuming no car bhind.. besides, the way they treat the hostel security guard is no gud.. I know they pay, so WHAT?! sigh.. but dun care la, none of my business RIGHT.. i juz wana express.. huhu..
alright till then ! tata

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