Saturday, May 9, 2009

We went out !

Yesterday we(carolyn,eeli, meifen,kohila, esather n lianee) went out.. We went to the nearest shopping mall, Jusco Cheras Selatan.. Suppose to meet Kohila as she's goin for Matrix in Kedah.. But she got JPA rdy, so she no nd go Kedah.. haha..
While waiting for meifen, we went to Jusco to shop... We bought present for Pn Lim as Teachers day is coming soooon.. Why we buy for her only? because duno why we only can think of 1 teacher only.. hahaha
After meifen arrived, we had lunch at Bistro thr...
and after makan, we talk n take pics..

A+ Teacher = Pn Lim !! we bought this cutie pillow and a card for her..
Other teachers dun jealous.. hahaha

esthiieee and me.. her new name.. lol

Me and Chelseala... long time no see..

After that, we balik rumah !! It's nice to meet them once in awhile.. haha.. we should hv this more often... Amrit ! u must come the nxt time !

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