Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Today we supposingly have Biology class.. We finish chapter 1.. n we are going to have quiz.. omg omg.. die la die la... The teacher teach nice.. vry funny.. haha.. so, we wont feel bored although the class last for 2 hours.. If datin teach, sure u feel lk 2 years or more.. huhu...

After biology was Maths.. n u noe ar, our maths class CANCEL !!! yeah !! everyone so happy.. therefore, we continue our own plan.. GO TO GIANT !!!!!

Ee Li, me, Wee Yen and Kuang Jiet together-gether go gIANt, as we try on the INTI bus.. lolz..

I tell u ah dat bus, so confusing... later i tell..

Then we reach Giant... we need to walk u noe as we duno that the bus will stop exactly in front of Giant.. so, we walk n the weather is so hot u noe.. we sweat lk mad.. After ebter Giant, wah.. so nice.. got air cond.. Then we decide to eat uncle John kopitiam as there dun hv much choice..Besides, it's kfc.. haih.. KFC..

After eating, talking.. we went and buy our mop mop thing, baldi n sum bread ah, biscuits.. Not to forget the cuci jamban wan.. hahaha..

we bought 1 mop for rm15.99 u noe. SO EXPENSIVE.. we see wrg price, tot 6.99, but now double the price leh !!.. so sad... =(

Nvm la, ini adalh pengajaran RM 15.99.. Next time, see properly before buying.. DUN MAIN AMBIL je.. haha..

So, it's 1.40pm lk dat la.. n so we 4 ppl wana balik.. So, we tot naik inti bus again.. The two friends of ours wana go KTM, so we ingat the bus turn 1 round to KTM rdy, then bring us bk to INTI.. But when we are walking rite, to the bus stop, the bus reach rdy, at the opposite road.. n we get to know that the bus going to KTM.. Unfortunately, the bus ran off.. So, we need to wait till 2.30pm for the next Inti Bus... n we sit thr for almost an hour, talkin talkin talking... Finally, the bus arrive, n the bus driver didnt see us, n jalan edy... OMGoooODDNESS.. We chase the bus lk cat chase the rat lk dat... n he didnt stop.. When we gona putus asa rdy, the bus cum on the opposite direction, and so, we cross the road in a very fast very fast speeeed.. LOL... we didnt even ask whr the bus going, n we naik.. The bus nvr go KTM rdy.. so sad, so bad... so evrybody nd to balik INTI.. huhu.. n they nd to find transport.. =(
Feel so bad la.. they teman us until cnt go bk..

Okie, next, me n lili cook today.. we didnt go down n eat.. We only went to cafeteria to buy ICE..
ICE ITU KEGEMARAN SAYA.. We cooked spaghetti.. huhu..
so nice i tell u.......
Pasta n mushroom soup.. yeah !! so nice.. yummy yummy. haha
Our dinner.. spaghetti, mushroom soup and ribena...Nice leh we cook..
B4 i end the post, let u see our clean toilet..

This is the most i can take.. haha

This wan is our room


huever hu wana stay dun kena tipu ya..

IT IS STANDARD DELUXE, NOT SUPERIOR.This is Carolyn n eeli's 7-11.. No feeling hungry.. haha

alright, i guess thats all for today..
Tomorrow it's gona b a sad day for me, coz i alone.. eeli going to lab class. so sad...
woowoo.. how nice if my cute fren is here.. hohoho... lolz


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