Saturday, May 30, 2009

1 month had passed

I had rdy spend a month in INTI.. huhu.. Time flies n never come bk.. SO.. appreciate it !! everything is okie, this weeeek.. we started to have assignmentss.. statistics DONE, Maths DONE.. Bio, baru get... MPW duno how to start.. wait la, more to come..welcome welcome =)


Nothing much la.. got bio n chem lab classes.. We did experiments la of course.. So tiring mann 8-4pm.. NO BREAK ! but starting from next week, i got break rdy ! Yay !!
We had dinner at bakery there.. huhu..

doin those biuret, benedict testssss..

Poh Hui, aka bao bei.. hahaevery1 in class get 1 ferrero each from Ze Ying..
fyi, ze ying, is our flower in class.. Thankss
She got matrix, so she went for it.. we miss her..

Since class ends at 12pm,we decided to go kai kai... 8 ppl went to Terminal 1 1st, and after that 5 went back, 3 ppls continue their shopping at Seremban 2 jusco..
We got back to Inti at around 9pm.. waseh !! 1pm-9pm..
it's the reason why we are broke.. we are officially moneyless.. n that time only we know how hard to survive without $$..

Waiting for the KTM to cum..

damn long la the KTM...
carolyn.eeli.vimala. irene

Wee yen and I in the train edy..


Ee li and I punya.. HAWKEYE!! best buy !
our class starts at 10am ! woohoo !! fun !! and we had mpw... malaysian studies.. a subject tat u are allow to sleep in class. hahaha..
Damn bored laa.. Me n Jin Yong the cutie !!!
Class starts at 10am too... So nice to sleeeepp.. can slp kao kao.. haha..
We had dinner at around 8.30pm.. damn late for me.. coz got leo club meeting.. we makan in al-salam... to save abit $$ for other things.. huhu.. n since we (eeli,carolyn,yeeling,sze yien, america,swee chin and yen fern) all hv singing mood.. Therefore we went to MYBOX !! the 1 and only 1 sing K place we had discovered in NILAI... anyhow, we only sing for an hour... coz we are all good good ppl, dun1 go back so late ma. haha
not to forget, when we sing half way suddenly time finish rdy n SUDDENLY the song stop rdy.. huhu.. so sambil we walk, we sing.. hahaha

Me and Yee Ling..

Swee Chin, Crystal.. she came frm kelantan..brave girl..

3 ppl.. while others shouting.. haha


It's the day to go home !! huhu !! yay!! hip hop horray !!!

We had chemistry in the morning.. n we learn new tamil words.. hahaha... Then we had mathss... bored la u noe.. n i oso not vry understand.. haih... i oso duno y... but anyway, all i want is to go home !!! angie fetch us balik kajang.. THANKS !!.. n so we can reach earlier..

If ktm means vry lambat, not very la, but lambat la.. coz must wait for the bus to KTM, and need to buy ticket n need to wait for train...


Today la... i went Tescoo... the new Tesco semenyih..nt reli new la, but it's the 1st time la, for me..why dis tesco nt much ppl compare to saujana's wan? saujana wan oweys oso full wan that carpark, but semenyih wan, alot parking..

This week had been a quite fun week compare to the last few weeks.. oh ya, tuesday is ou vry free day, alot of outing is on tues wan... tues we went terminal 1 n jusco dy la.. so nxt week whr to go eh? hahaha... keep on thinkin of kai kai only.. but it's the way la... We should enjoy life !!

n i think thats all for this week's update..

Till then, tata !!

Take care people !!

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