Friday, August 14, 2009

lose edy,so sad..=(

seeing lee chong wei bowing out of the world championship..
3 sets weyh.. huhu..
Lousy la he play..
No attack, got la.. but not sharp..
He dreaming or what la aiyoh.. 1stgame, leading but kena chase.. 2nd game, not bad..
3rd game, same case with 1st set.. haihh... sure ppl will bash him again.. sigh
But on the other hand, both doubles check into the semis..
Unexpected, the zakry-fairuzizuan pair make it to the semis !! huhu..
n of course my diamond pair.. kookienkeat-tanboonheong..
Now, Peter gade n lin dan playing.. Peter gade so leng chai.. huhu.. hahaha

Today, i slept err almost the whole afternun.. frm 2pm-4pm, den 4.30pm-5.30pm..
seriously, sleep oni la kerja saya.. Because fcbook, nothing to play rdy ma... tv not nice to watch.. nothing to eat..
My sis all pergi sekolah.. Sem break damn bored lorh... But i blieve at this moment only..
It will becum more happening.. hahaha
Im going port dickson next week la.. lets go la..
go beach.. wah.. so nice lah.. jakun, din go beach b4..
i miss chicken roll la.. fyi, it's like the kfc twister.. sumthing lk dat la.. but nicer n cheaper den kfc..
yummylicious.. ahahaha..
Tomorrow sisters all got sch.. Kononnya, replcment for hari raya.. eleh... ask people go gotong-royong got la.. ish...
n tmr, my sis got duno wat st.john 1st aid quiz wa.. good luck oor..

Ok, dats all frm me today..
night night..
take care..


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