Sunday, July 11, 2010

Gathering 2003 6D

Last Last friday 2/7, was 2003 srjk (c) yu hua 6D's gathering @ 21st century.. around 830pm, jonjon come fetch n off we go.. I wonder why lots of event oso chooses 21st century as the venue.. Maybe it's the top of kajang.. Everybody hu stays there know how to go.. On fcbook invitation, they are kinda little people hu confirm they can go.. Most of them put Maybe... But in the end, quite many of them turn up... Most of MAYBE turned up =)
But anyhow, i felt a little awkward meeting them coz it's like long time no see, suddenly lk shy.. lolz.. yeah, shy...
But that Jon Lau, he talks so much.. talk talk talk... So many brothers over there...
But alot people can't regconise him lar..
coz i told ya rite, he changes alot... He's lk a transformer.. LOL.. people even misregconise that another friend is him.. LOL.. They only truly regconise him when he shows he IC.. LOL.. with the sum sort of durian head? lol.... yeah... yuhua small boys all botak ma.. lk durian de.. hahaha

sHU Li came and then she left for Brazil vs Netherland match... she memang football de.. LOL.. haha.. so into it.. but sad is brazil lost... Then, after makan, n talk talk... the jon arr... haih.... so many thing to be discuss.. But nvm la, they so funny, and then long time no see liao... somemore they so baik hati.. Let them talk more.. i oso laugh more.. LOL.. after shu li went back, i bcum lonier.. cause i lebih close with her.. the others okok ler.. but laz time we seldom talk much ... haha.. jz talk oni.. hhahaha.. But it feels so great for meeting them again after 7 years...
n 1 of my classmate the boy, regconize me as the girl hu cry during check gigi wan... LOL
vry funny lar..
Around 1030 we make our move 1st, coz the nxt day was genting trip.. wanted to go 7-11 buy snacks, but it's kinda too late... haha! then straight went home... =)

Im happie with the gathering that day... lots of memories juz flashback in my mind... =)
I love 6D 03'

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