Saturday, July 24, 2010

Updatess =)

Yesterday was Edna's birthday! We celebrated her birthday @ 21st century.. Before that, Lian Ee came and fetch amrit and me.. =)
We laugh quite alot on the wat, coz mangkuk is funny =)

When we reached thr, Birthday girl and Yee Thong was rdy there.. Yee Thong becum prettier dy.. haha.. n 1st time saw her with braces.. Meeting her, makes me think of jacuzzi.. lolzz.. haha.. n we cracked kinda lots of jokes.. haha! Amrit my mangkuk bully me.. =( but im happie.. lolz
Kohila, Esther and Shobana are still non-stop arguing bout football.. haha.. Fifa had over right? hahaha

After makan and all, it was cake time.. hehe.. the cake shop ppl give less 3 batang lilin.. So, instead of Edna turning 19 dis year.. She is younger now..only 16.. Duno what happen to the cake shop ppl, haha.. a little blur.. hehe...
After eating cake, we take take pics and around 1030 chaozzzz... Lianee fetches me, amrit n edna... after dropping me, they bring edna back to UKM..
Edna, is a very intelligent friend of mine.. She get perfect result in Matrix n gets into UKM..
Edna, happiie birthday once again.. n hav a wonderful uni life.. =) =)
We love u banyak banyak..


We crazy ppl on thurs night, after dinner went and Sing K @ mybox.. It's a vry spontaneous decision.. n evry1 just ON ON ON !! I like It !! Need to think n get NO NO nt fun at all hor.. Study bcum sing K, it's reli great.. The feeling is like freedom !! Like a free bird weyh.. Dun nd to care or think bout anthing.. juz shout in the K room.. like crazy edy..
After Sing K, muigeik, kuang, kim and yeeling kip ask me to call my room mate down to meet them.. I thought roomate dun1 de, coz she say.. so i tell them she vry shy wan.. mayb nxt time la.. but they kip on say im the one dun let her come down, nt she say.. they say I hide her n kept her, dun let her go n socialize..hmmm ! n so, dengan segera i decide to give her my roomate a call, n see see if she wana come down.. Surprisingly, she reli do came down.. lolzz.. I didnt expect that.. haha.. kuang n kim act like cchina ppl.. talk with china slang.. n my roomate reli tot Kuang cum from Shanghai.. She's lik "ooo, ni shi shang hai ren ooo" The whole situatuion is like kip laughing.. few sentence, den start laughing, till the guard came n complain us.. Ask u go d.hall n talk, dun kacau ppl slping wor.. LOL.. .we beh song, n went to the opposite side and continue crapping.. it's dun!! hahahaha..
Muigeik was funny.. "hai hai, im muigeik, cum frm whr whr.. cum cum exchange number, n then she start to mumble her number softly but fast..haha
Chatting for like 20 mins, den my roomate went back room dy.. But i go kim's room 1st.. haha.. cause my bag at thr.. Tot take edy, den go back, but end up chatting awhile and on9.. haha !!
12 stg, oni go back.. the feeling walking bck from block R to block C was like on december when i study with them n robert juhn xiarn all..
Nostalgis isit called?" haha
So, it's the end of a fun day...



Nowadays seems like I couldn't express in writing,, I used to kip, without saying bcoz i dun like, but to write.. Recently, i juz couldnt reli express..
No matter what kind of matter, that kind of urge to write isn't there anymore..
By blogging, is the way i could express the most.. But if there's sum1 else that i can talk to, i will reli try my best to express to the,. provided if i reli do trust them.. =D. To find sum1 u can reli turst is an uphill task huh? Isit I dun trust ppl easily or? But in fact, i had a few person that i reli cn trsut, n i gudess it si enough.. Perhaps every1 has their own "black shadow".. i duno hw 2 explain.. as an example, you had see something normal ppl wont see, n thus frm that particular fay, u scare of darkness.. whenever u cum across a dark room, or a dark place, u fear..
I duno what makes me today.. But pls dun be silly, I will never admit is my fault.. Sounds bossy? or anyting u wana say? nah.. up to u to tink..

There is 1 person that i know was misunderstand by ppl.. The feeling the person have is exactly like what i go through before once upon a time.. mine worse la k, definitely..
However, the person have a chance to explain.. but the person refuse as he/she thinks that kiping silent is better.. i agreed, bcoz in future the person dun nd to come across with that ppl again..

But me, once pon a time.. DON'T HAVE a chance to explain at all eventhough i want.. Unfair huh...
it's like thousand of arrow pointing to me... It's like a clean bcoz of a drop of it's never clean water anymore... To add in even worse, I would come across those human again n again till N years.. I duno when it's gona end.. It has been once upon a time, but yt the memories i had can hardly be forgotten.. dun come n accuse me and after that come n say nt me, duno who am I n whatsoever bullshits.. coz it's making a big fuss and making life complicated.. I wouldn't wana curse the person... Because i blieve as mum said, every1 has their cause and effect.. What u did in this life, it's gona reflect ur nxt life.. up 2u blieve anot!serif";
Anyway, I didn't owe that pathetic person.. perhaps the person owe me? teeeeheeeee =D
I often think that when you treat sum1 good, you will be treated not bad huh... I didnt dream for the person whom i treated gud, will balas budi me or give me extra, but at least...... think b4 u act n talk... isn't it simple? I didnt ruin ur life, so please dun cum and ruin mine..

My parent said, dun treat ppl badly.. treat them well.. n they will oso treat u well.. i agreed.. but recently, i jz feel that ppl are not lk dat..
They will only treat you well when they want something from you...
Not every1 is like that, but only some...
Perhaps human being nowadays had change.. You can never read their mind or whatsoever.. Dun ever try to read their mind... You nvr noe what are they thinking when they are asking a favour from you also..
I dunoo.. But i felt that ppl change drastically.. Maybe is my personal thinking, that makes me dun reli can accept la..
Is just that i think that, You sincerely treat ppl well, but in return, that person just came by bcoz he/she want sumthing from you.. I wouldn't know how to explain the feeling, but it's like being used... When he/she want something, will continuously treat you well til that get what they want, n dat oso duno it's sincere or what.. But when they get their things.. Bye BYe n leave it is//
Im jz wondering... ppl are lk dat har? friends will like tat ma?
I dislike this kind of thing, i hope it wont happen.. or perhaps?
Duno la...
When I treat you well, I reli do.. Im not pretending or acting.. n if u think im acting,bear in mind that it is bcoz u are acting too. ....

p/s: it's my blog k, what i wana write, i like... i wana write love ge, write my friends ge, write bout gossips ge or anything is none of ur business yo.. dun ah chi ah cho here ma.. if so free, go watch astro la or do stg that is meaningful..

Have a great weekend ppl...

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