Sunday, February 20, 2011


Im so bored dis weekend. No activities..Just on9 n slp n eat.. Din reli slp la. Haha! Time flies. Its the last week of feb 2011.. So fast rite? Can't blieve it.. Aiya, damn bored. So just cum here n type sumthing. Lolz..
Oh ya.. Sum gay ppl i couldnt stand him la. Shit u! Annoying n irritating! Nt to say he is gay, bt he acted like 1.. Dun kacau k u, stay at ur own zone! Dun step on my nerve,or else dun blame x gv u face. Shit! Damn u!!
I wish u read my blog,i hope u read it and realise im saying dis to u!
All sama pattern wan. Mengada-gada..
Get lost, i dun ever wana c u.!! Dun think im treating u well.. Honestly,it's just a lie.. Booyah!
I seriously dislike u frm day to day!

Till then...
Here,i wana wish amrit all the best 4result. U wil surely get the result u want.. Good luck!
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