Wednesday, March 18, 2009


My genting trip was so so.. tak cukup puas.. so we think of going again... haha
I went both outdoor n indoor but outdoor dun get 2ride evrything coz it's raining..
But I got free flying coaster.. haha..
Genting arcade semakin improve n the harga semakin naik.. 1 game RM3.. You imagine how much that earn.. huhu..

At starbucks while waiting to check-in.. waited for 300 over people okie
me n jocelyn at a ride.. duno what name ar, i jz noe it's hanging on top wan.
hanging wan..
at outdoor, antique car

Newly open Beryl's.. the price is okie.. Not reli expensive.. hehe..
ignore that fella bhind k, tak fhm2 ppl wana take pic
The big clock.. hehe


Today we had a gathering before Edna leave for NS.. Lian Ee happily sell her I-talk to Edna as she hardly use in camp.. hahaha..
n now it is called as U-talk, no more I-talk.. sebab transfer user rdy.. hehehe..
Lian Ee fetch Ee Li and her sis, amrit, me, kohi n Edna to Jusco with Innova and we met our teacher Pn Lim thr with her kids. haha.. Damn berjodoh.. lolz
we had lunch at Bistro n then went n watch Dragon Ball !!! U noe !! Dat Qi Long Zhu...
That Goku quite hensem ah.. haha.. Kohila said he is better than Edward Cullen..
The story ending is like....... sucks la.. haha... But some part is interesting..
Before to the cinema, we went n lepak-lepak at those shops.. We plan to buy the same necklace everyone of us.. Tetapi masa tidak mengizinkan, so nxt time la. haha..
I had lots of fun today meeting them again.. Esther the singer is unable to join us coz she gt college... So, this is the kebaikan org malas yg not yet go study.. hehe..
Anyway, we gonna plan go lepak in other place again bringing Esther along.. hahaha..
so, esther siah, u see la we got think bout u noe !!
Last but not least, i need to promote !!

This is the mrs bean Amrit !!! amrit !!!
huhu !!

So, thats all for now...
Edna, take care n have fun in NS...
Don't worry k, u got U-talk can call call us..

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