Friday, March 13, 2009

NS Shots part 2

These are random shots taken....

Padang bistro's tree
Fall in love with the tiang
Siput Wan on her birthday
We are suppose to kutip sampah after wira jaya..
But do we look lk we are kutip-ing sampah??

This is the camping bag.. Damn many sand arr inside..
Corin aka ji mummy

Me, Yen Phing and Lian Ee
Lian ee and I while she come lepak in my dorm..
The bed is actually nobody sleep wan, but for guest to sleep..
and the luggage rite, is not ours.. is our guest's oso.. hahaha
Exercise.. urgh.. peace !!
This is when our Charlie's jurulatih bersara..
Lilah and Wan
Jane and I during night duty..Shah.. we got into same PI,same KN and same RBC.. Fuhh..
and ya, same company..
Nadin and Izzat aka pak kaduk and his friend..
They are damn damn damn funny..

I guess that's all... NS syok betul la.. except when u nd to wake up frm ur nap n go kawad in the afternoon, that's the oni thing x syok.. =)
Yesterday was results day... We meet again.. hehe..
and yeah, it's Edna's turn to leave for NS...
Go go go n enjoy Edna !!!

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