Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I can't understand

Why is it always evrytime most of the time is my fault??
What the hell is wrong with me la weyh?
Why isit evrything happen, eventhough is ntg to do with me, but then it still involve me?
Sum whr goes wrg, sure me wan ar? Y not other ppl? y must be me? I so teruk until everything oso me ah?? Im so frustrated, BUT...
Actually what I suppose to respond huh? "yayaya, my fault.." or how shud i gv the damn ans?
why izit Im the one to be blame.. Only i make ppl angry izit? Ppl wont make me angry huh now?! so shit la..
Hu is thr willing to explain to me why???
Am I tooooooo bad, toooo terrible or what?
Whats the 1st impression i give off to people?
I also don't know..
Can people tell me arh?
People can be so bzbody at times.. I am tooooo.. But rite, find a right time la si boh..
Not ngam u, den dun kpoh so much la..
Im kpoh toooooo.. But i learnt how to see ppl's air muka.. people bu shuang dy, den walk away k.. I still cnnot understand laaa... Maybe exam coming soon, dats why like this ar.. is this a good reason? I dun think so..
What is emo? I finally know...
But still I dun understand...
Why people are like that... Only look frm the surface n make a stupid conclusion..
Im not a girl that can express well..
I laugh to the max, I laugh like crazy is bcoz i wanted to laugh, n i think it's always the best solution for anything.. But not now anymore...
In fact, I feel crying is much more better...

It will be different, if i have sum1 to bla bla bla to.. but they are bz kids.. perhaps, they wont hv patience tooo...huhu

till the nxt no understanding post...

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