Saturday, July 4, 2009

Blooood Donation

Im so scare of bloood... n I don't know why, i went and join the blood donation thingy..
But I've no regrets...
1 weeek juz passed like that.. n im happy that the blood donation event end successfully..
our malaysian studies lecturer encourage us to go n donate bloood.. He said whoever donated n show him the red book, will automatically get 5 marks...
I have no intention to donate my blooooood.. coz i scare dis scare dat wan..
but so happen, that time ngam ngam our break.. 3 hours sumore.. so my classmate all went to the booth thr.. then, i oso duno y, ppl gv me the form, n i juz fill in.. Actually, after cheking the blood type, pressure all, i don't wanna donate edy.. m the nurse si beh fierce.. It reminds me of
the sekolah rendah time those check gigi punya nurse.. walao weh.. so scare until i cnt talk..
n i see ppl wana faint, n some poke the needle in 1 time, no blood, poke again.. swt...
When I decided to walk out, there gt 1 kosong place.n the nurse "pergi sana".. so i juz ahhhh... die die la...they let me wait so long, n i hv to scare so long...but luckily my frens are with me, to talk to me.. distract my attention.. so.. finally, they inject some i duno what thing, n the vein will bengkak, n terus, they poke the tebal punya needle.. n there goes my blooood.. huhu...

Our banner

Our board

cute leh..

Then the day before, adventure club had that blindness awareness campaign.. so.. our kawan is the committee ma, so we join.. huhu... they gt this stg experience blind thingy whereby u need to be blindfold n walk about 1/10 of inti.. huhu.. somekind of race la.. hahaha

let me introduce la.. sitting wan is mummy n daddy.. standing wan is anak sekalian..

we got 3rd price neh.. hahaha

The next thing is gonna be Leo Mission.. n i hope the mission will be as successful as blood donation event.. But.. huhu.. with tat kind of "object", hard la... Im looking forward to meet the kids from children camp 5 again !! Yeahhh !!!

Till then,

have a great weekend..


sorry amrit, no pic o. coz rite, my pc go re4mat n came bk..

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