Sunday, July 19, 2009


I hv ups and down during this week.. feel realy down, n oso happy throughout the whole week..
i dono why isit lk dat.. but just this kind of feelings, very damn annoying. I dont wana think much, but there is just something i hv to think..
hmm.. vry hrd to explain.. sometimes, i just feel like blaming everybody.. but rite.. its wrong kan? so, i just hv to withstand it, eventhough that im no wrong if i blame that fella..
Und what i crappin heh? =)
why down ar? bcoz the sudden chnge of environment in the classs, n it's oni me can feel it n so, i hv nobody to share with.. Mayb too long no break?
what say u if ppl dun agree with u? I mean whats ur reaction?
Im oweys wondering, if i say something, n ppl DUN agree with me, what reaction shud i gv?
anyway, this week, ntg much, xcept i slept reli late, but still hvent break the 4am record.. hmmm.. I will nvr wana break the record.. I hv a sweet reason under it.. huhu
recently, i really dunoo hw 2 write out my feelings.. Unlike last time, whr i juz bla anything on my blog..ehehehe
Till then.
tata !

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