Friday, July 10, 2009

huhu.. it's me ! yeah!
n now.. i would like to crap..
Im done with presentation.. n hopefulllllllly, i will be able to pass..
pray hard !
besides, Im done with bio quiz.. it's ezier compare to the 1st wan..and im not putting high hopes.. hopefullllly, boleh la..
coming up next, will be chemistry test 2!!! full with test, quizzzes, asssignmenntttt, bla bla bla.. but dun worry, although works are sedang bergunung-ganang, i will not gona complain about tired,letih.. n i will still be able to sleep, and play.. huhu..
sometimes, things become better when u have diff point of view.. so, no matter u kena bully,feel lonely or whatever, stay positive, stay strong n u will be able to overcome it..
Be independent, and nothing is impossible =)

hmmm... as i go on, i can see alot types of ppl..
some are real selfish pest.. they tend to keeep evrything by themselves, n are nt willing to share, n this is what i feel dissappointed about because sharing is caring, n i love this 3 words.. n now, they musnahkan the 3 words.. huhu.. u noe what im talking about? haha.. im crapping..

some even worse, they can memperalatkan other ppl, to achieve their goals.. ishh ishh.. bu ying gai.. seriously.. the society is lk drama la.. evrything u watch in drama, is actually happening around us.. huhu.. they can bomb each other to get what they wan.. kagumnya..

n rite, i wana tell wat edy ar.. my fren say they look me as a very happy person.. oh reli heh? haha..
but if dun wana be happy, ownself rugi leh.. y wanna make urself unhappy because of other ppl or other things? nothing is worth it laa.. but sometimes, u need to be serious, don lk me ki siao lk dat.. haha.. hahahahahahahahahaha..
1 more thing be happy oso must sincerely la.. don wan act act wan.. u happy means u happy la, dont when u not happy oso pretend laugh laugh, looks weird.. huhu

Tmr's convent's carnival wich mean foreverus91 gona meet again ! huhu !! yeah !! yippie !! can see pn lim rdy !! hahaha.. yes !!!!!! n
im lovin' it !!
till then !
toodles !

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