Saturday, February 23, 2008

Sports Day 2008 !!!

Yesterday was Sports Day !! It wil b the last sports day in scol since im in my final yr of high scol.. I took pics hehehe wich i usually does not. Last yr edi wat, wan sum memories... Btw, BLUE HSE IS NOT LAST !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Woohooo !!!!!
V got third placing dis yr.. although is nt 1st, but v were happy..

Red hse perbarisan..

Blue hse perbarisan

Yellow Hse

Last but not least Green Hse perbarisan

Me n Celine

after 1 whole week of stayin bac, our mascot is ready !!

Blue hse aerobic.. Bubbles dance wit cookie..

Me wit Bubbles, 1 of our Blue House Mascot..

Me n eeli

Yellow n blue hse's mascot

Me wit Cookie monster..

Esther, YM, Me, Smey, Ee Li

My fren, esther

Sports day over !!!!! Let's pose !!

1st>>> Yellow hse (defending champ)
2nd>>> Red House
3rd>>> Blue House
4th>>> Green hse

Well, sports is over, n da nxt thing dat the great headmistress did 4 us is monthly test.. Im not prepared n im sick now... even yday's thomas cup qualifyin i oso din watch finish.. Badminton leh, hw cud i miss it, it's not me wei... But i cant afford 2 open my eyes, n had headache.. Hw nice if im still nt feeling well on Monday, n no nd 2 sit 4 the test !!! CHOI CHOI CHOI..
eventhough i noe dat i wil 2 fail for my test, i wil nvr skip it..Dun care if still sick, i'll still go n sit 4 it.. I'll nvr skip test !!! I wont skip the exam bcoz im scare of failure.. No mannn... Wish me gud luck k 4 the exam.. i'll go n study now..
Oh ya, remind me 2 brin bullets 2 scol tmr. I'll shoot as much as possible. Basically, it's my last last time 2 shoot in test.. No more shootin after dis,gotta prepare well for future...

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