Thursday, February 28, 2008

Irritated but funny.. hahaha

2day v got back our maths n add maths paper.. Disappointed wit maths paper but i expected it.. 1 more mark to A1. all bcoz of that last quest.. n dat shade shade part.. ISHHHHHHH... But im surprise with my add maths paper.. It has gone 2 a higher level.. a "B". although it's nt A, im satisfied.. But it's juz monthly test, n the quest is kinda straight 4ward..

Durin maths paper discussion, pn lim shoot me.. Ee Li oso kena abit, but nt as much as me.. 4 ur infomation, Pn Lim love shootin, eeli,me, meifen n shyuan mey.. I was askin edna dat last quest hw 2 do.. she sits bside me ma.. n she's my teacher 4 maths n add m3..

Ee Li
Pn Lim

carolyn arr, talk sumore..
Teacher, she din talk, she askin me hw 2 draw dat straight line..
ooo, emm..
(den she continue... Amrit tell me my ans wrote terbalik, den i turn bhind.. of course i mus respon ma..den eeli tell me sumtin, i 4get wat edi..)
talk sumore...u noe hw 2 find da x value??
teacher, v discussing la... where gt talk?
i noe hw 2 find d !! Edna teach me edi..
Ok, hw 2 find?? explain
Neh, dis 2 points u join 2 gether den get 1 straight line.. n dis two dot is the x.. (pointin my graph paper)
huh? wat point point oor..
(whisperin) intersection, intersection..
O !! da two intersection is da point !
Ah, yes !! i want dat word, intersection.. wat point point
(den nxt quest, askin 2 sketch graph wan.. pn lim shoot eeli pula..)
wat graph is dis?? smiling graph arr,.. sum ppl duno hu ar, draw straight line arr.. hu ar, hu ar..
Teacher, me la.. I noe u wana say is me... dun nd tersirat teacher. (laughin)
Although she always shoot us, but v still like her bcoz her teachin method was superb !!! I can say she's da best teacher 4 maths n add maths throughout my 5 yrs in convent.. eventhough she din cum, still she wil giv us paper 2 do.. haizzz
2mr hv est.. I cant imagine wat mark i'll 2get.. As i noe, my essay was"fantastic".. Write a report as a chairperson of waste disposal in town.. hahaha.. better say CEO of alam flora as esther said. hehehe..

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