Sunday, February 17, 2008

Yeahhh !!! I passed !!!

2day i went for undang test in the morning.. Reach there at 930am.. But i oni get 2 sit 4 the exam at 1230 pm.. wait outside so so long !!! The quest is kinda tricky, the ans almost the same.. But, im lucky dat ive pass it !!
I juz read sum quest while waitin outside.. N guess wat? the quest i've read came out exactly !! Im so happy !! But oso scare coz sum of the quest bhind i cnt ans, n im tinkin " die la die la, nd 2 sit again in 1 week time,nd 2 waste daddy's RM40 !! Gosh !!!".. But when i click "ya", "keputusan".. I was shock 2C dat i get 44/50 wich is 2 marks above the passing mark. At that moment, im so relieve.. n i tell myself that evrytin we do, we nd confidence. My confidence gear up when i get fulll marks in that ujian warna,penglihatan.. I nvr change any of my ans throughout the test,bcoz i noe dat da 1st feeling is oweys da correct wan.. I experienced dis in evry scol exam.. hahaha

Oh ya!! yday was st.john exam.. re-examination act.. I din go coz cannt go due to my lost id is not reported.. Therefore, i nd 2 sit da exam in high scol wich is wat Lianee told me.. HUH??? HIGH SCOL? is my 1st sentence replied when she told me dat.. U noe la, go ppl scol n sit wor, duno hw wan, duno wat wil happen.. Go Yu Hua better, copz there is once my scol b4... haha.. But Luckily, my dear fren Mei Fen is accompanyin me there..THks, Mei Fen.. If nt, i duno hw..such a wonderful fren of u.. hehe. Im nt sayin others nt wonderful k.. lol.. hahaha.. Exam wil b in 2 weeks time.. Hopefully i can make it a successful wan. hehe.. Use my 1st feeling method 2 sit 4 the exam.. Start 2 read up my 1st aid book wich i nvr touch b4 since last yr's adult exam. haha.. Hav 2 memorise cpr again.. Duno y those ppl so free.. Evry yr invent new sequences.. haizzzz...
Btw, scol exam is in how many days??!!?? Oh no !!! dis is the oni time i can get better result coz it's the least topics... Carolyn Wong, pls b hard workin abit.. bcoz of future n $$$ work hard abit !!!!! haizzz...
Ok, till den... crap more in the nxt post !!!
Yeah ! CNY still on, n im goin 2 my aunty's hse 2nite 2 collect angpau..Whee !!

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