Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Exammmm !!

Yday was Bio, Physic and Moral test.. Moral still ok.. Physic n Bio totally blank. Duno wat i write on structure n duno wat i shoot in obj.. Haizzzz.. cham laa. Result sure vry "nice" wan...

2day worse, BI, Sejarah, Add maths n Maths.. How can dey put add m3 n m3 together?? Im so confuse with those graph's formula.. Both hv graph.. ishhhh... Sejarah's essay.. Wah !!! wonderful mann..
they ask 2 write faktor kemunculan nasionalisme.. But duno what history i created


wei esther, that essay how ar?? i duno which is which la.. pemangkin nasionalisme n kemunculan nasionalisme..

Oi, yalo hor.. which is which?? I tink i write pemangkin la.. Die la.. I put evryting inside wor... evrytin i luan zha inside. i juz write whatever i tink.. (eeli: pemangkin is bab 2) Bt i tink i write pemangkin la.. aiyoh

huh? reali wrg edi ar, den how la.. 0 mark arr..

No la, gt 1 or 2 the same wan.. neh, da sistem sumting wan..

oo, dat sistem pendidikan n sistem pengangkutan n perhubungan ar?

Ahh ya la... U gt write dat anot??

duno oor, i tink got kua

got den can la... nvm la..
(n both laugh laugh off v go 2 canteen)

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