Thursday, February 21, 2008

We won 3rd prize on Chap Goh Mei

2day,is Chap Goh Mei n oso 3rd place playoff for tarik tali were btween Blus Hse n Green Hse.. Well, im in Blue Hse as well as 4 tarik tali...
We won 3rd place !!!! Although v wish 2 go into finals, but our hope was blowed off by red hse... Expected la.. Red hse evry yr in final.. But at least we won sumting.. N take sweet revenge 4 our juniors in afternoon session.. hehe

The 1st round was hard 2 pull.. Both teams hv high spirit, n wanted 2 win so so muchh.. Both team doesn't wana let go the rope until last last minute.. Blue hse won da 1st round.. Fatiha fell down,cryin coz was worry she cant do better.. After consoling her, v went 4 2nd round.. Our confidence has gear up abit after winning da 1st round although there's possiblity 2 lose.. Actually, v almost lose when green hse members, fell down n the rope went senget 1 side, evry1 tot is over rdy, but luckily v still pulling... after so long tahaning, finally blue hse bcum the winner !!! Yeahhhh !!!! Cheh wah!!!!

Act, kinda unfair, why v nvr pull against yellow hse 1st, n green against red?? Hu noes blue n green can beat yellow n red rspectively??? Lazy la they all.. ( guess hu sumore la) wana make tings ez n fast... haizzzzz..
Anyway, v gt 3rd place d, close 1 eye la... Wil Blue hse make sum difference dis yr??? Hopefully can !!! Oh ya !!! our mascot 4 dis yr's sports wil b Bubbles (ppg).. hehehe.. N 1 more sesame street wan, wat monster dey call? blue wan, cookie monster arr? sumting monster wan.. Hopefully, it can b done !!!!
2mr im kawating(nice eng).. hahahaha.. I nvr kawad b4 in dis pass 5 yrs... Dis yr is the final yr, n i wana try sumtin i nvr tried b4.. I wana enjoy as much as i can !!! Dis few weeks, almost evry1 skip classes, especially ajk's for the rumah sukan.. students in n out frm the class room, teacher oso bzing wit saringan la, cross country stuff.. So, after tmr,which is our sports day, evrytin wil goes back 2 normal.. wait til sambutan hari koko n patriotik, but dis wil not as "meriah" as sports day !!.. haizzz..
Exam in how many days??? 3? omg omg !!! I nd TIME !!!!! Our great headmistree was the greatest among the greatest hu mix evrytin in a month... S.I.A.O !!!!!!!!!
Let's c whether she wil cum tmr? Or she went TURKEY again???
Blue Blue Blue !!!! Tmr no matter BLUE win or lose, Blue is oweys da best !!! V r dynamites k !!! Go, BLUE !!!!!!
Happy Chap Goh Mei !!!!!! Gotta wait 4 another yr to raise my income. hahahahaha

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