Thursday, March 13, 2008

changin my personality 2 b a better person

after 3 days of "bodoh-bodoh" holi.. I find out that, i havent finish my holi hw.. nt even 5 pg. is ok, i already prepare a script 2 ans the teachers... hahaha.. (but i promise myself hv 2 change.) how?? c la... i oso scare my frens say i lazy la

in dis three days i learn alot of tings.. i saw ppl in indonesia sum vry pity.. sum nt pity at all.. They hv hands n leg, but they dun work, they beg ppl 4 food. dis is sooooo.. ishhh.
n sum r reali poor. dis make me feel hw lucky i am.

  • I learnt 2 appreciate wat i get. Eventhough i dun willing 2 go Jogja, but i did nt complain 2 my parents yet.. still tinkin whether wana complain. But now, i dun wish 2.. although is a free seat, but it still nd airport tax. so, it's oso costy, plus dat maid punya tax oso. dat maid arrrr...ishhhhhh
    I oso did buy tings frm there, gt waste sum money.. so, i guess, i cnt complain.. It might hurt my parents.. hehehe..
    dis is wat i wana change 2 b, LEARN 2 APPRECIATE.
  • Nxt, i dun1 to b so boros edi.. I dun1 buy tings frm canteen edi if i bring food. hungry,hungry la. i dun1 eat meehoon plus curry edi, n i dun1 eat that hotdog edi.. "I AM WHAT I EAT". so oily,as shiny as diamond, n duno clean anot. after eatin, my stomach oweys lik burning. Burning sensation.. I mus not spend more den rm 6 a week. dun buy nonsence food. (so dat i can save all dis to buy concert tickets n shoppin)
  • Think b4 i talk.. Dun open mouth n straight way talk...


talk--->think (too late)
  • Study hard n smart. Use brilliant ways 2 memorise. usually teacher's ways does nt work.. create own mind map.. Inside my mind,not on da paper. help frens hu r weak, but i tink im da weakest... hahaha..giv a good fight in mid term... aim properly.. oweys tink dat ppl can, so y not I?
  • No more so forgetful. evrytin oso can forget,but not my hp,watch n purse... dis week, i havent 4get any1 of dis.. (mission consider complete)
  • No matter wat happens, leave it n continue my life.. Nvr let tings/ppl disrupt me.. dun bother things that r not worth 2 know or bother.. N yes !! i feel i can do this now.. (mission complete)

Overall, my plans work well... now i nd 2 put more effort to control my $$$ frm flowing lik a tap water. i wil complete dis mission in scol most probably n oso cziplee.. I spend da most in cziplee n in canteen.. Say "tak nak" to canteen food.. I cant say tak nak 2 cziplee.. The last time me seldom eat canteen food, although i noe la yuhua canteen so nice... N i dun oweys go cziplee.. Mayb dat time small kut.. hahaha... So, any1 hu saw me eat canteen food, warn me ok... n if u c me talk b4 i tink, pls stop me.. Thx...

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