Friday, March 21, 2008

Friday !!! Im lovin it

Yeahhh ! It's friday, although no scol 2mr, but i've 2 finish my another 3 hrs of drivin course. Oh nO !!!! haizzz. So borin...I wil get 2 kn0w da engines inside da car.. 4wat actualy? If my car break down middle on the road, juz call mechanic la rite, 4wat la nd 2 noe hw 2 change tyre, hw 2 refil water, noe which type all batteries.. haiz.. Eventhough i noe, i still wont do it ma.. But guys mayb nd 2 noe la. haha

Juz now after scol, v stayed back 2 finish up our bio project. Poor esther, eeli n me, get scoldin frm Sarah, bcoz she said v duno hw 2 color. :-(
Dis Sarah love perfect work, abit keluar garis oso she wil scold.. hahaha
But gud la lk dis. At least gt 1 person in the group is lk dis ma. So v wont do it "cincaiLY". lol

After dat, me esther n eeli went SB curry to eat.. Harjir n sithara joined us.. They din eat, but gossip together. hehehe..Then, v went tuition in PTM. Our place is stolen by 1 bunch of malay girl. Shyuan Mey was angry.. Those malay girl lov 2 sit all around. ishhhh..

After tuition, v went back 2 scol 4 badminton..yeah, i lik it.. V play double at 1st, mimi,me , meifen n lianee.den change change ppl lar.. At the end, i terhit the shuttlercock at meifen. Im so sory ar meifen...
OH MY GOD !!! 1st time la i hit ppl..i mean hit directly la. i so scare bengkak leh, sumore dat shuttle so high quality. kinda heavy.. Im so worry now.. haizz. But she say nothin edi, still i risau lar.. haizzzzz

Den i went tuition 8 sumtin, where tuition start 830. My bio tuition.. haha.. I learn dat verterbra ting again. 712554 dis number wil bring u 2 marks teacher say.. hahaha.. i rdy gt method 2 rber it.. lol.Oh ya, 2day amrit's bio tuition mate din cum, kesian she sat alone.

when tuition over, evry1 went back except me n eeli. Suddenly 1 indian man cum n approach us n ask eeli how r u? Eeli ans fine, n i hide bhind her.. Oh gosh,y she so brave wan? She say must act not scare, if nt, lagi teruk. But if me, i run away.. run into the bank, luckily there gt 1 bank. bank got guard ma, n guard go senapang. hahaha.. safer.He is so scary... nowadays, Kajang is nt reali a safe place. Not oni kajang la, evrywhere the same.. so, evry1 pls be alert wherever u go.. Look left, look right, look left again.. not 2 look 4 cars, but ppl around you.. "Be careful, jgn ditipu" (mr phoon phrase)

I tink it's enuf, n i stop here... Hope it wil not b a borin course 2mr. 2 get license, i must go 4 it.. haiz. how borin oso, i must go.. another haizzz..
so desperate 2 get my license.
n pls miss esther, dun keep askin me faster go n take license.. Im fast now.. fast enuf. hw can i simply sit undang test rite? later fail edi must pay u noe esther..must read all quest 1st ma.. Luckily i pass edi.. haha.. u dont "chui" me edi ar
ok, bye bye...

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