Saturday, April 12, 2008

Friday 11/4

On friday, i brought camera 2 sch, suppose 2 take pics when the "head of mistress" wana cut ppl's hair.. I heard neighbour classes sayin dat.. hehehe.. But, she din do it, wat a waste.. Mayb she scare... So, nvm la, v use camera n take other picss.. V oni hv est 2day.. Bio teacher x cum, BM teacher say she gt sumting urgent wana do, n ask us copy komsas nota frm book...

Da condition of da book, frm da start to the end of BM period, the amount n the condition of the book is still da same .. V do other workd instead of BM...

My class's top 2 student. Edna n Sarah !!

add maths session

Esther, wah !!! crack my head leh

They r singin 4 each other.. Dui chang qing ge .

Me n Esther

Mei fen n I

me n amrit a.k.a firelady

After sch, Foreverus91( without shobana) went to Mcd... It's so hard 2 find a place... sum went up, sum wait down. Others go n buy food...

clockwise: Carolyn, Edna, Esther n Amrit

clockwise: Kohila, Ee Li, Sarah n Lian ee.

After Mcd, we went n c football shirts... Kohila wanted 2 buy Chelsea's shirt, while me n eeli want 2 buy Arsenal. But Arsenal punya so big... End up, v (me, eeli, amrit, n esther) 4ppls, buy 2 shirts for kohila, as a birthday present...

zoom to let u all see chelsea logo.. mempromosikan, but i feel bersalah terhadap arsenal.. haha

The black wan

The white wan

Black is cool, white is sweet..

After dat, Me n Ee li went add maths tuition, den the others went 2 cziplee buy Bio project stuff... eeli hampir fight with other ppl in tuition.. bcoz of the fan... lol.. dat gal is juz so irritating...

V meet at sch 4pm for badminton... V played, badminton n oso catchin mangoes.. Near da badminton court, there's a mango tree.. So, they went n pluck the mangoes n throw.. Kinda nice.. hahaha... Ee Li went back, coz her mum came early.. haizz..

Let's c da condition of the court.. So....................

what's dis? hahaha.. Nice le we play double double... hehehe

ehh? no mei fen wan.. cant c her

Yeah. meifen is here !Sarah, she oweys says, "mari saya main, saya bangga dgn serve saya".. Let's look at edna.. :)

Our sch player, shama.. My class monitor too.. She's coachin or wat? She's skinny, but her smashes are sharp.. Dont mess with her... hahaha

So, dis is 11 april with foreverus91... Although it's juz around kajang town, surrounded by pizza hut, mcd.. But it's fun !!!

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