Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Minggu Kerjaya

We hav uncountable ceramahS dis few days... Frm Sunway college,frm PTPL, n recently frm KLMUC, stands 4 Kuala Lumpur Metropolitan University College. They talk talk talk, talk bout physiotherapy, Nursing n finally Medical lab... Nursing no nd say la, i scare blood, how 2 b a nurse,although it's gaji is so so tinggi... But in saudi arabia oni... I tink i cant leave Malaysia lar.. Den physiotherapy, oso x interest la, must train in hosp wan rite??? Den Medical lab, dis wan surely sumthin 2 do wit blood, no interest oso.. Since This 3 things im also not interested... So, i end up chat wit Kohila... Luckily not long.. Bout half n hour? Yeahh...

Den dis morning, v hav Exibition. Those college-college sekalian cum n promote their courses... Most famous is Taylor's ar, Sunway ar, Monash, n few more... V r da 1st 2 go 4 pameran.. the perasmian of the pameran is kinda lame... Put down the duno wat paper/poster, den it's call rasmi edi. I tink it's dat teacher's idea...Annoying la she recently... Luckily got 5B n 5I cum down frm class, if not, oni dat two teacher la, ownself merasmikan.. :-)

when we baru wana start survey, got 1 lady cum n ask us, interested in bcum air stewardess anot?? hahaha... Oh My !!! lol... I nvr think of bcumin air stewardess, but it might b my last last choice lar. hahahaha... Me, Esther, Ee Li, Lian Ee they all kononnya listen 2 wat the lady say.. " U can go work, at the same time travel, U all write ur name down v'll contact u on December bcoz i see u alll lk quite got potential.." hahahaha... V got potential 2 b air stewardess??? wat a joke !!! hahahaha... I think i wont lA, ya la, mayb can meet pilot, hahahaa... But it's a risky job.. No 1 wana write name.. Malu kut... Pity the lady la, talk so long, so i write 1st lor.. Den dis esther oso write, den eeli write too...

Actually, me n amrit wana go n collect pens wan... V kekurangan pen u noe.. But, dis yr, all da college lk semakin stinge, plastic oso so little... Haiyeh ! I oni get The One Academy's plastic, n Nottingham's pen... Den im findin for sum pre-u's brochure.. I juz found out dat Taylor's australian matriculation n Sunway's autralian matriculation r diff.. One is south, one is duno north west or east... hahaha... The ppl say 2 study medicine, nd A-level, since i've gave up on Pharmacy, so i'll not go 4 A-level. save time,save energy. I wana go into computing i guess, the jie jie say computing can take australian matriculation, shorter time, no nd 100 % exam. I guess easier kua... hehehe..

To the auntiessssss around me, stop sayin IT no job la.. Keep on 潑我冷水. ishhhhhh...... im gonna study those they din study wan. U say accounting gud,ok.... So, i purposely dun wana study accounting, u say dentist nt bad, i oso dun1 study dat. lols, i noe im stubborn, but i reali dun wana study the same thing as my cousins over there..on the other hand, i oso dun lk la.. main point is y must i 4low their footstep rite? y must I oweys compared with them? They smart,they top student, they anythin. their business la, none of my business. I am me, Me is I, or i shud say I am who I am. Comparing me n dat side's cousin is strictly prohibitted. Thank You. Study sci stream, go accounting pula, waste my energy studyin lor... i wan software engineering .. blek...
Mayb u can juz gv me advise, say," i heard ppl said computing nowadays not much job, how bout u try accounting??"
Instead of dat,
They say dis " huh? y of all u choose computing?? Eh, computing no gud ar, jobless ar.. U study accounting la.. U c, lk me now... gud wat..." i guess she juz wana tell dat bcum an accountant can b as rich as her. ewww... Act since im young,I've feelings dat they tink im nt capable 2 do anythin la... Oni their children are the best...Bcoz they all belajar luar negara wan. High class's high scol, speak fluent english with those org putih slang. wana talk until gt org putih slang, i x harap lar... Haaaaaaaa........ Watever.. I am Me !

i ask a few ppl edi, they say wont no job ! duno means dun simply talk la... u tot u smarter means u can talk oni izit? Mayb last time no job, but now diff.. Update urself la plss.... It's now da 21st century.. mengada betul.. all day all nite, accountant oni... nt evrytin involve IT x job la ok !!!

Ok, till den. 1 more week 2 mid term exam.

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