Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Fooool

2day is once yr once's April fool.. I kena few times in scol. One frm Harjir, say dat my purse had dropped. N 1 more abitha say my skirt koyak.. Ishhhh... Overall, nt dat bad la.. okok... After scol, i teman mei fen n shyuan mey they all go danishveen.. Then v go library. They nd 2 finish up their add maths project. Den after dat, i've badminton competiton, house vs house. Cheh, i noe damn small, but i oso noe i'll lose. All wakil sekolah, how m i goin 2 win? If i win, 1 of them, fui... Biggest achievement for me lar.. But, the competiton, cancelled. Sincerely thanks 2 the rain. He noe dat im nt ready. hahahaha... Although it's cancel.. V juz play play la, esther siah, my coach la.. She lk 2 scold.. ishh... "Wei, not lk dat la, must swing ur hand ma, lk dat where gt enuf strength? haiyoh !!"After play play, v did sum gejala sosial work. hahaha.. Duno frm where they get da pencil, n v start writin our name on the cement. hahahaha...
Our class fav teacher, pro in maths n add maths... Teacher kena frm Sithara.
Sithara: Teacher ur dis shirt vry old edi oor..
Teacher: Ya meh? No la...
Sithara: Yes ar teacher, u c la ur lengan here, koyak edi wan..
Teacher: huh?! ya meh? where oor?
Sithara: hahahahaha. APRIL FOOL !!! (whole class laugh except prefects, they went "chik chak" take pic)
Teacher: (bell ring) I minus ur midterm marks
Sithara: huh? Teacher so unfair !!
Pn Lim reading newspaper see gt politic news anot. haha..

My fren, Mei Fen.. emm.. sedapnya

1st attempt, eeli shuyan mey's assistant..

2nd attempt, Yes !! Berjaya !
Esther, the garang coach.
Some example of vandalism: Esther, Ee Li & Carolyn
So appen, gt pencil on the floor, so v use it in nwrite our name on the floor oso, cement actuali
Ok, today's update till here........ bye bye. zai jian...

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