Monday, April 21, 2008

Bengkel Peperiksaan Bahasa Malaysia SPM 2008

Yesterday i went 4 da bengkel BM in UM... 2 buses frm that bengkel wan, cum n fetch us 2 Universiti Malaya... V reach thr around 8 sumthin... Den v pay $$$ of course... got alot other sch punya students oso, duno wat methodist boy sch kl, bukit maluri, SAAS, Sajana Impian, Convent duno where, our sch n alot la... V get 1 so called file... so soft... lik few paper put together oni wat... V had 4 parts all 2gether in dat Bengkel.. Karangan, Rumusan, Komsas n Tatabahasa... V went in to the bilik kuliah at abt 845am... Bilik kuliah !! Uni student le... U noe rite, da seats is 1 row higher den 1 row.. N the person sitting bhind me is a malay girl who very irritating... So kecoh, so noisy, talk as though the bilik kuliah is hers... Banyak masalah wan... she put her leg on my seat, den 4 awhile, her pens fell down 2 my place, den awhile her pencil box fell down... levej nOur 1st ceramah was about karangan...I duno pengenalan was actuali imp... A good start of ur karangan, can make u get an A1... den teach abt How u gonna mengembangkan ur isi.... coz rite, sumtimes v hav idea, but duno hw 2 write.. 2 hours 4 dat... N it's our breakfast time... 11.20am eat breakfast waa....

V had mihun n teh tarik... I nvr drink teh tarik betul betul b4... I mean dun reali drink until 1 cup la... I last drank was 9 yrs old... Dat oso taste my cousin's wan when we went for mamak... 1 sip !! But i cant imagine yday i drank 1 whole cup.... Wat 2 do? thirsty... hehe... den 2ndly we hav komsas

Komsas dat penceramah quite cute... But it's the most boring wan.... I hampir fall asleep...zzzzz
Thanks 2 bhind the irritating gal, drop her pencil box.... I hv 2 pickup 4 her... ishhhhh... I juz salin watever in the projector.. hahaha... After Komsas, it's lunch time.. V ate malay style chicken rice.. I guess so... dat sambal chicken, n da yellow rice plus 1 bottle drinking water... My bottle tertukar wit other ppl. But i din drink.. luckily....

Tatabahasa vry fast the penceramah talk, n lk tersirat.... haiyoh.. hard 2 catch... But funny... Janji temu or temu janji??
Da ppl say janji temu.. " sudah janji barulah temu." hahaha... After dat tatabahsa, v hv tea break... V gt teh, 1 popiah n duno wat kuih is dat... I xchange wit yen mun. She eat kuih, i eat popiah....

Last but not least, rumusan... The penceramah is da 1 hu cum n giv ceramah in sch... His technique gud la, but gotta use colors... Interesting... Until 6.30pm, our ceramah over..... 3 students get pelajar terbaik keseluruhan.. I dont und how they choose.. DEn home sweet home... V went n find our bus... Duno which is which... All same... At last, after bout 15 mins, we found da correct bus !!!Yippie !!! 2 bus rite, i mentioned... Half way, da air cond stop functioning.. So, bcoz of da air cond, v transfered 2 another bus halfway on the highway i tink.... After dat, v sesak in Mint Hotel... So many carsssssss.. So jam !!! Dat time rdy about 730pm.... Bout 8 pm we reach sch... Evry1 was so happy !!!! At last can go back own home..
in the bus.. Yen Mun duno do wat wit my fon.. keep on want songs...
Inthuja camera shy.. Ee Li, Me, Yen Mun n Inthuja..
Mei fen photographer.

Carolyn n Yen Mun.. My kawan since form 1

Ee Li n Carolyn, my fren hu buggin me for $$ durin F1.

On the bus when we wana go back..
Carolyn n Mei Fen, my fren hu update me wit badminton news (containing Lee yong dae, lcw n Koo-Tan)
Let's c Ee li's art.. She is too borin and eventually broke her ruler into pieces... Pity the ruler..
Before keganasan
After keganasan.calling...
Meifen: Helo.... Lee Yong Dae got win anot???? haha...
(dat day was ABC's final)

We r going back ! in the bus..

get stuck in the jam.. Wat 2 do? Camwhore...Inthuja n mei fen

After we reach sch, Den i went 2 Bintang n eat Marrybrown, so hungry le... Dat teabreak oni popiah n kuih wert... Marrybrown can fight wit KFC d... lol..

Dis morning, Mr Seelan enters our class. He uses permanent marker 2 write on da board. No 1 realise until he left the class, n da murid bertugas wana rub the board for nxt lesson.. hahaha.. 4 Sejarah!!!! I tot no board no nd belajar, but still we nd 2 listen 2 her..
Den during rehat, Rubanar went to duno whr 2 take thinner n clean da board. And Yeahhh !! da board is as white as my shoe on Monday !!! hahaha.. Mr seelan tell us his history, he teaches in Yu Hua... bla bla bla... Den, he ask us to use idioms 4 essays... " Bell the cats", "Foot the bill" n " saw red"... hahahaha

Ok, till den... My chemistry walao wei !!! Thurs must pass up !! I must finish it no matter wert ! B4 dat teacher grumpling thr... "Kamu ni, chemistry nak A ke? kenapa tak buat huh? tak buat tu kenapa?.." her conversation.... hahaha

2mr i got driving class !! Yeahhh !!! I gila stering now !!! Im gonna go up da hillll...lalala
Hill, oh hilll ! Im cuming !! Oh ya, TOYOTA UNSER, I'll remember YOU !!!!! Dun ever honk me !

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