Monday, April 7, 2008

Suay Day



Alrite, 2day is my suayest day in dis 4 mths... Well, dis morning, my frens wil noe y im late lar...
Den evry morning, without fail Blue hyppos ( no offence k, oni specially 2 those hu pissed me off) wil stands in front of evry pagar 2 welcome da students.. So , i duno act how many mins im late, But this damn hyppo, i noe la, wana catat nama ma. U tot i 1st day noe u all meh??? i let her c my name tag, n she was so slow 2 write... n let me see those faces.. i feel so shitty...
I duno she cant see or cant read.. buta huruf perhaps.. den i juz take dat damn silly book or paper or dat papan, n write my name.After i write down my name n class, i 4got to write bout the reason, n my reason was so so so long, u expect me 2 write in dat small box ar? write wat? "Bangun lewat", "traffic jam", "bapa lambat" all those ar?
Den dis woman is lk.. "WRITE UR REASON !!". Is lk orderin me 2 do it.. dat kind of tone. even teacher when ask me do things, dun sound lk dat.
Excuse me, although im late, but im still ur senior ok !! idiot you ! Cant u b polite a bit???!! im tinking... I juz tell her my reason n ask her write herself.. duno lah she can hear or not, i dun care.. N b4 i leave dat idiot for my class, i told her 2 b polite abit. N she kept her stupid mouth shut..
Dahlah, im nt in da gud mood, sumore show me dat damn face, n talk 2 me in dat kind of tone, who r u mann? juz a blue hyppo after all.. i juz feel lk gv her 1 box on her nose.

Den after dat, i was on da way 2 class, n sek rendah ppl put their bags along da pavilion, down da floor, evrywhere la cz they hv perhimpunan. Den suddenly i terkick sumbody's bag, n my another leg, step into that longkang, ( neh da longkang pavilion there, small wan)..2 support myself .. i din jatuh inside,luckily, juz step into it. Dat head of mistress nt wana close all drains meh? y din close there.. stupid ! Ok, den nvm...
Nxt i went 2 da wrg class.. Well, 5B was changed 2 4Z edi... N i was following tarita's footstep, n eventually reach 5B old class, n go down agian 2 4Z... Ishhh...

Nxt, i suppose 2 return esther's racket 2day. But she din cum ! I was tinkin la, hw la, later hv physic tuition, sumore she say cannt leave da racket alone, later ppl curi.. so exp sumore, if reali lost, hw m i suppose 2 return 1 exactly same 2her.. ishhhhhhhhhh... haiya...

Durin maths time, ohh, pn lim start her zha zha session.. was askin me y i do long long method. but long method oso i can get ans ma.. But she say dun1 must use dat short wan.. AIYAHHHH !!!!!!!!!!!!
Den 1pm.. evry1 went back, oni our class...

Go 2 excel, Bravo !! no more place. Thanks 2 pn lim. hahaha.. dun let us go back early, other classes or chao d, n chop places in excel.. V go there, priya juz chop 4 places in front there, n sumore few in duno where.. Me n eeli sit the row usually v sit, but inside abit.. they chopped 4 places the row in front of me n eeli sit..act me n eeli wana sit there, den mellissa n inthuja.. 4 places ma.. But later scare meifen n shyuan mey alone bhind. So v choose 2 sit bhind thinkin sit wit them coz inthu n melissa already gt fren in front wit them. Then when we meet in mcd, they say they sit in front wich at 1st me n eeli tinkin 2 sit.. Huhu.. haizzzz.. I was tinkin, it's fine,is ok la, nvm.. mayb cnt see kut or wat... N tot our sides wil b girls sitting coz the bag they put to chop place looks lk girl's bag..
After makan when we go back, oh no mann !!! not girls la, is boys la..

(outside da pay fees there)

EeLi: Ooh !! Carolyn u c !!!
Carolyn: c wat? go in la... c sumore..
Ee Li : No ar, u c... our side is boy la... i tot girl wan da bag they put.. how?
Carolyn: ooi, yalo hor.. Y bcum boy edi wan ar? ( my bside nt yet cum, i was tinkin it's girl oso).
Ee Li: oi ya, how la? i dun1 sit there rdy. we ask ppl change place lar...
Carolyn: hu wil change place wit us??? wait 1st la, i gp toilet 1st.
Ee Li: ( she went n ask syahirah 2 change)
Carolyn: How? she wan change?
Ee Li: aiye, she dun1. how???
Carolyn: huh? how leh? i oso duno leh... how ar? aiya, nvm la, sit la.. wana 230 edi, 1 day oni ma.. dun care la
Ee Li: yeaaaaa...i dun1 , nt nice wan... dun1 la.. ( den she oso terpaksa punya look cum n sit lor)
Carolyn: ( den my bside fella cum edi, oh my god !!! another guy) Wei, Ee Li how????? how la?? u c my bside??
Ee Li: haha.. v 2 oso edi.. Wei, v terkepit in the middle u perasan anot?
Carolyn: yalo... how ar??
Ee Li: u say my bside ppl will change anot leh, at least at the side meh..
Carolyn: ya.. u try ask him c la..
Ee Li: emmmmm... excuse me, can u all change place with we all ar?? U all can sit inside we sit outside ar?
dat guy: ok la..

left n right oso boys... me n eeli terkepit in the middle... V feel uncomfortable la,eeli went n ask syahirah whether can change place wit her nt.. of coz cannt wan la.. den eeli menunjukkan her keberanian 2 ask da boy bside her 2 change wit us.. v sit the door there, they sit inside.. haha.. Berjaya !!!!..lalala.. But 2me, no differents.. lol.. at least can sum place 2 breathe la... hahaha..

Ok, so dis is my suayest day !!! Da suayest i still tink is dat idiotic hyppo, n nt longkang issue mann.. She's jz so annoyin.. I noe she's a prefect.. PREFECT LA...wat else? I und la she's bertugasing. No 1 say dat bertugas must b rude rite? Prefects sumtimes oso must pandai2 la, y v students hate u all so much? C The way u all talk, as though it's ur world. ( not all obviously.. But mostly those baru naik pangkat.. frm muda 2 tua..) I noe u all LOVES 2 keluar "samans".. U all c v sign,the heart surely vry happy... But take gud care of urself b4 takin action on us ok !!...

p/s: Amrit, u dun 4get help me ok !! I wana use the fire thing 2 spray her arrr !!!!! U say u help me !!! lol..


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