Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Hi 2008 !!!

7 more hours, we wil say Goodbye 2007 n Hello 2008 !! What v hv in 2008?
Olympic ! Thomas Cup ! N???? Oh NO, SPM !!!!
Okay, Let me simply conclude what i've done in yr 2007..
There's good n bad times throughout dis 365 days..
The bad times makes me understand dat form 4 onwards, cannt use 2 "shoot" anymore wich i use 2 do in my lower secondary.. lol.. Bsides, learn 2 forgive n forget.. Oweys think positive way, n Nvr take things for granted..

Anyway, there is still sum good things throughout da yr where i get 2 learns lots of things.. I've made quite a number of new frens.. Im happy wit my class, most of them are ez going ppl.. Can easily talk 2.. Besides, 2007 is the yr dat i hv more freedom.. It's da 1st time dat ive guest durin CNY, go visitin durin cny N Deepavali.. N oso goin 4 my frens bday party.. hehehe.. Pity me, when im young, oweys not allow 2go. hehe
N of course i wud nt 4get my wonderful holi dat i spend in HK... I get 2 know more bout dis country which i oweys wish 2 go..

Overall, yr 2007 is an average yr, nt the best n nt the worst... Im satisfied over da yr.. school is gonna reopen.. so, back 2 school !! I wish yr 2008 wil go 1 step higher n everyting wil run smooth... Happy New Year 2008 !!!!!

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