Tuesday, January 15, 2008

2nd post of da day

Lazy wana do homework. Feels wana type..
ok, talk bout scol, coz bside dat,ntg cums 2 my mind..
BM---> teacher stricter.. Din brin book, din finish work." catat nama dia" !!
BI----> it's still da same...
BIO----> as usual, boring lik anything !!! haiz...
Chemistry---> duno wat teacher teaching la.. No understanding at all. without tuition, im finish...
EST n Physic---> basically, v still din attend dis 2 subject.. ceramah all da way..
Maths n Add maths--> superb nice... Nt oni the teacher, when maths/add maths, evry1 is powered up !! mayb bcoz we lik da teacher, n automatically, we wil lik da subject although we use 2 dislike last time..
Sejarah--> the subject i dislike da most after chemistry. But now Chemistry is enterin my life n sejarah is still a long way out there. the same reason, that teacher !!!!
I r'ber i gt A b4 durin F1,2,3.. But F4, NVR !! half reason is lazy, i admit.. another half is, that teacher makes me lose interest.. ishhhhhhhh

ANother ting, that headmistress make us do mind map notes 4 all the subject includin Moral. MIND MAP !!!!!!!! She say lebih senang ingat. Her head la,senang? It's even hard 2 understand.. Whole bk so messy. Dun look lik a bk. Looks lik scribled art.
She is juz so...............can't describe. No wonder "Ice cool" dun waN her. serve her rite. YES !!! Last Yr !!!.. I'll be patience...

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