Saturday, January 5, 2008

Back to school

Well, it's the end of one and a half month of holidays..

3/1 (Thurs)--> 1st day of school.
Early in the morning, v went for assembly in badminton court..Introducing those F3, makes me think back when im in F3. hehe..

Dis yr's class teacher is Pn Pushpa.. Still duno yet how is she as the class teacher although teaches us F4.. Others teacher all remain the same as last yr. Every1 was hoping the same teacher 4 Maths n Add maths, n v got it ! Yeahhh !! lol

There's a huge changes in our AJK board.. As expected, Mei Fen bcum da asst monitor.. Bcum monitor even better la... haiz.. 3 votes diff.. Dis yr, so many ppl cut their hair.. all bcum short. Now fashion short oor.. No nd 2 tie..can wake up 10 mins late. hehe

4/1(Fri)--> 2nd day

1 n a half hour of assembly again..Talking bout koko, dicipline la,n lastly Listening 2 that headmistress's great talk, Yuckkk... Waste time, waste energy..Talkin nonsence... Dun even noe what she bebel there..

Last 2 period go 4 rumah sukan meeting.. Blue house team which is my team hv Charissa as the captain, n my dear fren Esther was selected by every1 as the Yellow house captain.. Fu Yoh !!! Congrates..
ok, i think dat's all 4 dis opening season of school

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