Sunday, January 20, 2008

LCW, The King of local circuit !! ( once again in stadium)

Dis morning, i keep tinkin of goin 2 Bkt jalil stadium 2 watch live match..
After a whole morning of beggin my mum. At last, she "release" me 2 da stadium. hahahaha.. It's nt ez 2 keep beggin, kena scold sumore, but i feel it's worth it. hehe.. Meifen is oso there.. Bcoz of she say she goin, i oso feel lik goin. :-)

da 1st time, me n my sis, went by train, coz my mum n dad wana go n c the new proton saga.. Stadium oso got wat.. we stop at bdr tasik selatan n transit 2 star lrt. At last, v reach Stadium safely.:-) Nt many ppl buyin ticket, but still nd 2 queue up. When i went in 2 da stadium, My mixed double pairs already on court.. Unfortunately, they lost 2 China pair.. The denmark ws was great, although she's slightly injured, she still win it.. Thanks 4 nt lettin China win, hahaha.. Zhulin da defending champ had lost 2 Tine rasmussen...

The biggest match of the day was the match between the Lees....
Lee Chong Wei vs Lee Hyun Il.. Both coached by Li Mao. Hyun Il is currently under him.. Although he had da advantage, coz Li Mao noes mostly bout Chong Wei, but Chong Wei still won !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rubber set, 21-15, 11-21, 21-17.. The crowd was great durin this match.. After da match CW hugged his former coach Li Mao..
CW certainly prove dat Misbun is the best coach 4 him n he shows dat without Li Mao, he can still b the best. Yeahhhhhhh !!! He did us proud again.. The KING of local circuit !!!!!!!

After dat, i saw Mei fen when cumin out frm da stadium. haha
V talk for awhile, n went back. Nxt yr MO i'll b goin again if it's in KL.. I wana meet my fav players as i nt yet hv a real opportunity take pics... hehe
Now i realise dat my BIo report still nt yet finish !! gotta finish it

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