Thursday, January 24, 2008

My Birthday (part 2)

My present frm Ee Li, Mei Fen, Shyuan Mey n Esther.. Do u notice da side of the frame??? hehehe I guess mei fen's art n craft nd lots of time n hard work. Thank you, my frens.. Hw u can find dat tiny little pic? so cute. French super series..
N da notes, i've read.. terharunya.. i wana cry.. i'll keep it in a safe place. haha

Another little present frm Ee Li. It's a necklace, long wan, now vry fashion. haha.. Thank you.. I like it..

It's frm Amrit, Edna, Shobana, Kohila, n Lian Ee. Thank You...

2day after scol, foreverus( edna, amrit, eeli, shobana, kohila, esther n lianee) came 2 my shop bringin 1 cake wit candles. Im shock !! I noe dat they r doin sumting, but i don't know they wil do in my shop !!! woohoo.. So touched, Light up the candle, n walk along few shops, plus go up the stairs is nt ez... U all r juz so, i duno hw 2 describe. I juz feel vry happy.. Thanks, foreverus.. I'll appreciate our 5 yrs of friendships.. Dis wil b a memorable Birthday 4me..
I'll nvr forget my 17th birthday...

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