Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Yeahhh !! 2day is nt a bad day 4me.. I did nt forget anything wich i need 2 brin 2day.. Wheee !! 2day scol juz lik normal. BM teacher talk bout kissing ur family member.. most of us feels geli.. hahaha.. act geli oso la.

Durin bio, as usual la, v gt our own story 2 share. But 2day, another Mind map !!! My gosh !! Mind map of the heart.. Aiyo, the whole paper is lik an art.. Kohila's great job.. She's talented in mind mappin. hahaha..

After scol, me, eeli n shyuan mey went makan in "centre shop". This is wat they called. bcoz it's located at the middle. i ordered wantan me, n dey order wantan mee n pan mee.. Act the food, boleh tahan la. nt say vry teruk. average. But rm3.50 oor.. i tot rm3.30. Harga is goin up n up.. MY pocket money nd 2 increase !!

After dat, v went bac 2 scol.. V went into library 2 do our homework, At the same time, v gossip. hahahahaha.. Nt kutukin ppl. Juz tellin stories. hehe
when it's timed, v went for st john while shyuan mey went 4 her girl guides meetin..
Haiyo, march again lor.. oweys march march march.. ppl say march 2 much nt gud 4 the knee.. nd 90 degrees sumore.
Overall, it's been a tiring day..

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