Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The unlucky me !!

Frm da scol starts till now. i juz feel dat luck is nt on my side... Mostly unsucessful in evrytin i do.. 1stly, i oweys 4get 2 brin tings 2 scol no matter i reminded myself so many times.. Last week, forget 2 bring my lunch box, the nxt day, my water bottle..

Last Monday i forgot 2 brin Sejarah textbook, n dat teacher is ngiau ngiau ngiauing there.. Seriously she is da 1 i D****** the most.. 2 yrs wit her. OMG !!!!!
den 2day, i forget 2 brin my add maths 1 to pass up.. what a great "season" 4me.
Not 2 forget dat, i fell down in front of the gate 2day.. coz it's raining n it's slippery.. It's juz so unlucky...

Come on, it's 2008, it's a new year.. I nd sum luck wei.... Hopefully, until i reali turns 17 dis yr.. Luck wil b back on my side... No matter how smart a person, it's still nd sum luck 2 smoothen the path of life...

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