Sunday, January 27, 2008

Thank You My Friends

1stly, thanks 4 foreverus91 hving a surprise bday 4me... Thank n introduce u guys 1 by 1..

Amrit>>>>>> Dis fren of mine, hu oweys insult my fav player Lee Chong Wei.. But i 4 give her coz she oweys make me laugh.. hehe

Ee Li >>>>> Ee Li oweys bully me, but oweys understand me...

Esther>>>>> My fren since standard 1.. vry funny.. vry gud in sports..friendly haha...

Edna >>>>>> Oweys teaches me add maths n maths..

Shobana >>> vry small size, n cute.. vry cin cai.. anytin oso ok..

Lian Ee >>> Nvr insult my fav player.. Nvr lawan me about Lee Chong Wei

Kohila >>>> Love Chelsea 2 da max !!! She can sacrifice anything dat got to do wit

Sarah >>> Brilliant mind... SMART !!!

My new friend durin F4..

Mei Fen>>> vry nice person.. Vry helpful.. Love Lee Yong Dae... Nvr insult my fav player.. Understandin person.. Love 2 ponteng St. John juz lik me !! :-)

Shyuan Mey >>>> Love Dong Fang Shen Qi.. Love Max !! Vry nice person oso..

Thank you u guys.. Im vry happy wit wat u all did 4me.. Nvr ever 4get it..

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