Saturday, January 19, 2008

Saturday oso schoolin???

Aiyoooooo... 2day is saturday.. Sch is on !!! 4 chinese new yr's replacement...
8 ppl absent.PJ, no teacher, BM as usual, go on wit our tatabahasa.. Moral, mind map again.. Amrit n edna's mind map is kinda cute. hahaha caterpillar.. English, our ex minister of finance, explaining where the money gone throughout the whole 2007, bcoz all of us cant figure out where goes da rm 200 sumting..

Well, replace oso useless wan, 8 absentes, cut of 2 periods. But gud la, i can watch my badminton matches. hahaha... Mew Choo lost !!! She LEADS da 1st game 16-19, but eventually lose 2 China Zhulin..21-19.. wat a waste. Unlike Chong Wei, he NVR lead in da 1st game, but manage 2 seal da game at 25-23.. Brilliant play.. My fav mixed doubles storm into final 2.. Lee Yong Dae n Lee Hyo Jung frm south korea, after beatin england.. Hope dey wil win da title.. Chong Wei wil meet Hyun Il of south korea 2mr.. Hope CW wil win the title. !!

Gt bio report n chemistry report nt yet finish.. haiz... lazy la.. hehehe
2mr do la, SUnday.. hehe
But how ar, if i go stadium.. heehe..

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