Wednesday, January 23, 2008

My Birthday !!!!!!!!

Today's my birthday.. Badminton maniac turns 17 yrs old. Can drive !!! woohooo !!! 12am sharp, Meifen n Kohila sms me wishin me Happy Birthday,at the same time..But i slept. hehe.. U guys reali wait till 12am? Shyuan mey oso wished me in the morning, i tink after she reload. hahaha.. I oso received eeli, esther n yen mun's sms.. Thanks ya. I'll appreciate it...

Besides, arina, eugene n farah wished me too.. Thks farah 4 ur pic, i lik it vry muchies.. Arina's cake vry delicious n Im waitin eugene to belanja. hahaha
B4 my bday, I received a present frm my aunty, she nt sure when's my bday, but she's sure dat it's January. hehe.. Thank you.. It's a bag !!! I love bags... :-) Right time ! I can use 2 keep my angpau durin CNY !!!! quite big, duno whether thers's so many angpows 2 keep. lol

My friends, i'll treasure every moment wit u guys..Im happy dat u all rememmber my Birthday.. Thank You.. UpdatE More soon

Earlier in the afternoon, my sis bought me a secret recipe cornish n a brownies walnut

Ok, at the evening, daddy n mummy brought me 2 Kajang town@metro point. haha
1 Baskin robbin ice-cream 4me, n off v go 2 nxt door>>> Pizza Hut..

a handbag frm Mummy..

present frm my maid n youngest sister..

p/s: Kohi, he's not apek.. Apek cant play great badminton. He's LCW.. the worst ting u can call is jaguh kpg ok.

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