Wednesday, January 16, 2008

My undang how ar?

Last sunday, went 4 dat undang talk. sit there 5 hrs.. haiz... da air cond is so cold.. When ppl ask 2 off 1 of it. The man say, " sorry ar, remote tak tahu kat mana pun".. What a great ans... Listening 2 two diff ppl berceramahing there.. Actually nt dat boring,but oso abit la.. Imagine i went alone, no 1 accompany me.. wana talk oso duno talk 2 hu..

Drivin so many undang wan meh? Must noe dis noe dat. haiyo. susahnya... Somesign in the undang txtbook i din even c b4.. Gotta memorise.. so many rules sumore 2 memorise.. I cant drive without takin dis undang test. N therefore i must crack my head 2 read all this.. Hopefully, i can get my drivin license in 2 months time... B4 scol exam starts. duno when it starts but i tink Feb..

After i get my license, the 1st place i wana drive 2 is Mid valley !!!! nt that far frm here... hehehe.. i wana shop n shop n shop!!! 2nd place is Genting Highland !!.. It's uphill task 4me !!! Hard 2 drive there oor.. So long din go.. My annual pass duno still valid anot.. hahaha

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