Friday, June 27, 2008

sleepless night

I slept at 8pm yday night.. Dont know what happen... Sorry, kohi.. I didn't pickup ur call..
I woke up at 3 o'clock in the morning..8pm-3am. 7 hours. Enough d...Suddenly, I thought of watching EURO semifinals ESP vs RUS...
But, Im lazy to go down to the hall and therefore I tried to sleep back.

Mana tahu cannt oso.. So, I also on the radio.. Play my sis's game boy.. (curi frm her room)hahahaha... Until bout 6am, Ee Li smsed me, ask me 2 rber bring fries and sausages 2sch.. ... huh ! I almost forget that satay sticks.. Luckily I rber... Then, I pretend to go wake her up, di samping itu, put back her

Half of them must be setting up the stall and the rest are in the badminton court berkumpuling right now to listen nonsence... hehe...
Esther Chong said she wana play guitar and sing song to attract customer.. Will she seriously do that? hahaha...

Chao... I gtg ..
Yeahh !
Spain won 3-0 !!!
Germany vs Spain..... Spain or Germany? Dont know..
2 team oso goood.. Let's see the luck by who's side....

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