Sunday, June 8, 2008

端午节/ Dragon Boat Festival



Today is dragon festival day. Neh, we eat dumpling wan.. lol
I remember this story la where primary school time, teacher told..
This festival is to remember Qu Yuan, a poet... He commit suicided because the king don't believe him or something like that... Then he jump down to the river or sea, I forgot. But rakyat-rakyat sekalian very sayang him. Therefore, they don't wan the fish to eat his body. So, they make those dumpling and throw into the sea/river. Every 5th day of the 5th month in lunar calendar, they will throw dumpling into the river/sea.. That's how the dumpling come from. Besides right, got some more activity during this festival. Some competition lar, row boat wan...
That's what I remember my teacher said...
This wan, competition.. Dragon boat, can see?
Okay, that's all.. Bye !!!
School reopening tomorrow...

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