Friday, June 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Mei Fen !!

願你在這特別的日子里﹐都享有無限的快樂 !

Besides Foreverus, MeiFen is 1 of my close friend.. We know each other during form 4.. We get closer because of football (although v support diff team), badminton,artist-artist and also TVB dramasss..We love 2 xchange dvds... Not to forget gossiping too..You know, she reads chinese paper, therefore alot "ba kua" news.. She is my CNN for badminton results whenever I didn't watch the match.. We plan to watch nxt yr's Malaysia Open again provided if it's in Bukit Jalil lar..(we go take alot yonex and 100 plus k?) : )

We always berpakat with each whether to do Sejarah nota and pecutan minda or not... 2 timesss of pecutan minda, we don't want to finish it. hehehe..

She is a smart and humble girl.. She knows everything, but always rendah diri, saying don't know, not sure... haha...

Once again, I wish you Happy Birthday my dear friend...

May all ur wishes come true... Hope you can meet Lee Yong Dae nxt Malaysia Open... I can help you take picture. hehehe

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