Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I skip koko.. pisssssssssssssssed

Yes ! I skipped St john and Science club today. A last minute plan..
Yesterday when they paste up the notice saying there's St john meeting, we decided to go..
But this morning, Kohila asked me a few times whether want to go or not, I feel like dont want to go... hehe

She said mayb must kawad, which everyone of us don't like to. At 1st, I said I want to go, coz last year rdy, few more times left.. But during Bio, she asked me again. Then I say I don't know... Means I feel like pontenging la.. hahahaha..
Then we discuss again during Moral. Ee Li for awhile say go la go la, 4 awhile say dont want go St john, go science cub only. Then at last ! Yeahh ! All no need to go..... Because we saw the sky is getting dark... So, st john surely in pavilion only.. kawad might me going on. Later on, Lian Ee said conduct by form 4.. Plus right, my shoe is not comfortable, because it's not my shoe. My dear friend Charlene, dont know who is the person she terexchange with..
With the reasons above, we decided not to go..

Im so angry with that girl ! Meifen, ur" idol" !
She sat on my table !!!!!!!!!! Sat on my table nevermind. She sat on my books on my table ! What the !!!!! She is just so annoying !
Yesterday, she just "out sell" me and Mei Fen, and today she sit on my books !
It was Moral, I was sitting in sarah's place, coz she went agama dy.. I sat front row this week, so that girl went and talk to teacher about moral project i guess. And she nicely rest her butt on my table with my BOOKSS on it, and talk to teacher. My bookssssss okay.I pantang la okie..... I feel like slapping her. I seriously wanted to ask her whether she know what period or not now? Moral okay,talk to teacher you can sit down arr...

School also got rules saying dat

Eventhough u want to sit, u don't check ar? U dont check whether got anything or not before you sit?
I want to throw her into the world's biggest rubbish lorry !!!!!!!!!
Yeah ! She is a pretender.................
Since she dont check before she sits:
Next time, I put alot of nails on my table, let her sit...

See la, 1 day I take away her chair when she want to sit..

Yes, evil me...... But all this is just specially think for her....
You all sure say, books only ma, betray only ma... But i cant stand her. blek
And I dont like ppl cross over or sit on my books ! If i put on the chair, n u sit on it, is my fault. Because chair is mmg for sitting. But im putting on the table ! The place which suppose 4me to put my things !


Oh ya, our school back gate become wider. Yesterday 1 student's daddy dont know how he broke the gate or duno la what he did, until the whole gate came out. He said he see students very difficult to come out bcoz the gate is too small, so he push the gate and something. The guard and the parent almost fight... The guard holding a broom stick.. My godddd ! The parent tot the guard wants to whack him....... Hahaha. Funny la those adult. Then he said, mau hantam saya ar? marilah marilah.. Fuyohh !

Because tak boleh guna rdy that gate, so terpaksa do 1 new wan and bigger wan.. Actually we need to thanks that child's dad also.. If not, the school wont do a new wan.. : ) I wonder who pay for it? The dad or the school?

p/s: charlene, I didn't kutuk teacher... hahaha.....
dont 4get to find my shoe... : )

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