Saturday, June 14, 2008

Happy Birthday Ee Li

Alison Chew, happie birthday !

Ee Li is my kawan since form 1... She always come and ask me for money during form 1, because she is the class treasurer aka ah long.... : )
She is also my desk mate since form 4... Very tidy punya girl. Although she always bully me,but I forgive her since she is so cute.. hahaha... We go tuition together-gether, eat roti canai and maggie goreng together whenever we sudah wana pok kai..we share.. n recently we got couple study together. Huh ! We love Arsenal !!! The Gunners !! She like Walcott (dont know hw to spell)..
Wish u a very happie birthday ! !
All the best in gerak gempur, trials and SPM...
I love to have you as my friend because you are very funny too...
: )
p/s: lili, since you gv ur love to me, i also gv mine to you, i Love you too.. But i scare later your husband sekalian cum and find me.. hahaha

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