Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Malu nyer,, lol

We embarrass ourselves just now.. Me and Ee Li.
Canteen day is drawing near. Therefore, Ee Li took up the job to buy the food that we gonna sell.
Nuggets,sausages and fries....

Treasurer of 5B, Harjir gave her RM 50 to buy the foods. So, RM 50 for us is big la... Rasa can but alot of things..
After lunch, (meifen;s lunch) we go and survey the price for the stuff. Actually, we just plan to survey but end up we BUY ! Our main intention was the shop in front of market. But we went into CCK mart instead.. So, we makeup our mind to buy 1 dozen and 3 packets of nuggets, 3 packets of fries & 2 packets of sausages. So many nuggets right, the worker purposely get a box for us... Then, we wanted to pay..

We have Ringgit Malaysia 5o only. But thetotal was RM111 sumthing. Double the money we have. Where on earth we have so many money la... We started to get panic... Ee Li try to ask the people to kurangkan. But how much can kurang? we only hv RM 50... Plus our own money also RM70 plus....Ee Li, keep on sei lo, sei la. die la, omg !!
So... we hv no choice but to tell the cashier

Ee Li: Emmmm... We dont have enough money wor... Can we put our things here 1st, we go and take money and later come back again?
Cashier: (with that kind of face, not willing to let us go) harr.. ok la..

And we run as fast as we could to borrow money frm my dad..... We mmg very malu..... lol... We got our money rdy... So, I bring my sis along to help us take thing. 15 packets leh, very the heavy.. On the way to CCK mart, we pass by another frozen shop. lol.I mean sell frozen food shop.. Beside S.Recipe... We went in n ask how much dis and that... The malay guy dgn sabarnya tell us dis n dat...
So, we find out that the fries and sausages are cheaper than CCK mart.But Nugget the same brand expensive RM 0.15. We buying 15 packets, so will hv to pay another RM 2.25. We even borrow calculator from the shop. hahaha...
Therefore,sebagai peniaga yg arif lagi bijaksana, we plan to buy fries and sausages frm the frozen shop and nuggets CCK mart. We went to CCK mart to buy 1st and while walking there, we think how to tell the CCK cashier donwant fries and sausage

Carolyn: Arrr... We dont want fries and sausages can ar? We only wan nuggets.
Cashier: huh? dont want fries and sausages dy?
Ee Li: Ya... We dont want rdy, we dont hv enuf money.sorrrrry..
Cashier: errr.. so u reali dont want fries and these sausages arr..
Carolyn: emm. yalo.. coz we dont hv enuf money.. sory ar..

She pack all the thing dy. The box also siap dy.. But we ask to take out the box, coz cant put into the fridge... hehe.
After that, we went back to the frozen shop.
Oleh sebab wana mengelakkan rasa kekok, Ee Li and my sis stay outside to jaga the nuggets and I go in and buy the fries and sausages... We get to jimat about RM 5.00... But tired enuf to take the things and go to different shops. Plus dapat malu......... hahaha...
Until my shop, we thinking how to chuck in all the things into the fridge? Sungguhpun Ee Li got two fridge, but I dont think it's enuf to put.. So, brain start moving again, and at last pass to Esther they all hu r having Physics tuition in Excel while I take the fries and sausages... Actually Im not suppose to take since Im not going for canteen day...... But my sis goin, so she can pass to my classs. hahaa...
Im so disappointed that I cant go lar.. Im sure my class will make it a successful wan, and we 5 Berlian are out to prove that We Are United !

ps: MEI FEN, XIE XIE ni feng fu de wu chan

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